Jack Curry - 2005-03-25

I have a Zaurus 5600 running OpenZaurus 3.5.2 with Opie.  I installed qpegps and gpsd from the default feeds.  When I plug in my Haicom 303cf card and start gpsd, I can telnet to localhost:2947 and get correct readings, but when I start qpegps, it does not display any info, but it does color my gpsd box green.  I could never get qpegps to start gpsd itself, i've only gotten it started manually.  I've tried everything here, with no luck:  http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1225375&forum_id=206323

My original oz forum post is here, maybe it could provide some insight:

*Any* help or suggestions with this would be appreciated, i really want tot get this thing working.