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  • Fabian Heusser

    Fabian Heusser - 2005-02-22


    I got a surplus car-GPS unit witch have a serial connection and uses the trimble ascii interface protocol (taip).

    Will this unit work with gpeGPS (and an IPaq)?

    The TAIP protocol consist of a few simple messages, that will be written on serial port periodicaly or can be requested.
    How much work have i to consider to implement this protocol, in case it's unsupported?

    Thank you for your answers!

    • Martin Henning

      Martin Henning - 2005-02-22

      heyas, i don't think implementing anything else in addition to NMEA makes much sense, because 99% of the gps-units are able to put out NMEA in addition to their own manufacturer dependent protcol. try to find out the exact cipset and then email the manufacturer for a datasheet or find it on the internet yourself. if the unit supportes more than one protcoll (that is more than likely!), there i most certainly a way to switch between modes via serial interface. some manufacturers have special software for that, some just require you to send some special command strings to the serial port. for trimble you might try a tool called "tsipchat". but be sure to your the documentation of your chipset and the software BEFORE :) have fun... martin. p.s. trimble is THE manufacturer for chipsets in professional areas, and your device supports most certainly many other modes... including NMEA


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