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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Has anyone attemped to use Google Maps?

    • Graham

      Graham - 2006-01-08

      I've done the easy bit, take a look at:

      Basically select the spot you want a map for, select the zoom level and map type as well.

      Snap the browser window and crop to 800x640. Save to a file which you copy into the qpegps maps folder.

      Save the text and add to maps.txt in qpegps maps folder, having replaced "name" with the name you use for the map file.

      Anybody with suggestions on automatically grabbing the map, nicer ways of selecting the zone to map, grabbing multiple maps in one go etc is welcome to comment.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      so how do you deduce scale, center coordinates, and projection?

    • Graham

      Graham - 2006-01-11

      To get scale some maths could be done using the bounding latitude and longitude information already reported. That would be useful, but isn't necessary to allow the maps to be used in Qpegps.

      Are the centre coordinates needed? The corner coordinates are already reported in the map information placed after the map. Centre coordinates could easily be reported as well.

      The projection is already reported there as well, being "MERCATOR".

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This is great - saves me tons of typing - thanks

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Qpegps seems relaying on the 'scale' infomation to shown the scalar and automap switching even with "MERCATOR". (still buggy on the switching) It would nice that a proper scale factor can be calculated automatically. :)

      Y. Chao

    • Graham

      Graham - 2006-02-28

      Yes, I realised that - I have a version which does a scale calculation. I have tried to make it equivalent to the "FRITZ" scale (given the info I can find).

      In a day or two I'll replace the current page with one which has a better scale factor. It will also use Google Maps API version 2 - it has much more details satellite imagery of a number of areas (certainly in the UK).

    • Yuan Chao

      Yuan Chao - 2006-03-05

      Thanks Graham!
      Looks like google maps also updated the satellite images in asia. I found more deail images than that I checked couple days ago.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great work :)

      Don't suppose you fancy doing something similar for multimap ? the OS maps they use are very very nice, but a complete B to get right.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Enjoy it. Google maps has Europe roads now!!

      I'm learning HTML (this is my first try). Do it better and publish.

      url2bmp.exe works with all pages flash/javascript...
      converts it to png.

      ir32.exe crop the image (-12,-17,2000,2000)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This looks good...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is it really to write it in standard "downmap"  (with same switches)programm for loading from qpegps?
      It will be nice to use it to download areas.

    • beers

      beers - 2006-06-01

      Guys - it looks just great - the work u r doing/have been doing...
      I just start using my Archos + QpeGPS & i realy believe it can match my wishes.
      Unfortunatly - until now i don't have much of a clue what i am supposed to do to use this lovley tool & your maps/scripts.
      I wonder if one could tell me what to do OR if one knows a nice, simple HowTo for starters somewhere?

      What i wanna achieve:
      -> Use QpeGPS in "map mode" (as soon as i manage to use it in map-mode i wanna get a GPS reciver).

      When i start QpeGPS now, i switch to
      -> Info TAB, choosing "Download from expedia" (as i have absolutley no clue what else to do).
      -> I wait till the desired map is (down)loaded. Now i can "move" around in this one little downloaded map pice, using the "sliders" (on the side and bottom);
      Unfortunatly when i switch to the TAB "map" i only see a white screen witch some 0.0000's on it and a text in the middle telling me, "error number 0 occured"....
      What am i doing wrong, where can i get a nice manual (i am not a linux user on my desktop PC!)?
      When i finally manage to integrate those nice maps u guys put online, can i somehow use "search" to find my desired adress?
      If not - i read "there is plenty of software u can pay for" - well i am willing to pay some ammount as well - if the piece of software i am paying for works & does what i want.
      So can one help me out here? Show me the first steps, a manual, some different software (if this one can't be used as a navigation software)?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Can be more EASY?

      It get ONE gif from:
      latitude=41.387917 (6 decimals)
      longitude=2.169919 (6 decimals)

      More information at
      !!! output=html !!!

    • Graham

      Graham - 2006-06-09

      The output=html option looks useful, but I do like being able to drag the map around and choose the area I grab a map of.

      I could envisage using this in conjunction with the javascript map, having selected location of the map reauired. In fact, if I get time I may add this to my map page.

      I couldn't easily see a way of getting the satellite overlays (very useful if you are somewhere which hasn't got roadmaps yet). Perhaps there is a way to do that, but I can't see it in any documentation.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      great work Graham (and others).  Anyone notice that url2bmp does not work when the map is big (eg 6000 x 6000.

      I would like to get a big map so it does not reach the end of the map as it is tracking.

      Also how can you get the satellite image using this command line?


    • ztep

      ztep - 2006-08-18

      I have created a page based on your work that allows the generation of a set a of images covering a wide map area:

      Best Regards,

    • Eduardo Garcia-Madico P.

      zTep: Can you explain me how can I do the same for Apache under Linux?


      • ztep

        ztep - 2006-08-18

        It is javascript. I doesn't depend on server, but client.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yes, i've solved the problem. I did not understand the FrontPage extensions lines.

      But may be something wrong with the line:

      var zm = url_sizex*(1+Math.pow(2, 17-url_zoom));

      because when I put size 300x300, overlap = 5, and zoom = the same as the map one, i get a very zoomed image that does not correspond to the map I see.

      • ztep

        ztep - 2006-08-22

        Corrected an error with low levels zoom (8 and 9).
        I think that now works for all levels from 8 to 17.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've found the error.

      1- With this Url, with &zm=.... not all values work fine. Avoid very low scales.
      2- I've changed:

      var lat = url_n - inc_lon/2;


      var lat = url_n + inc_lon/2;

      I think this is a bug in your dmap.js

      I agree you very much this good work.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've found the error.

      1- With this Url, with

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ztep, you are a star, and many thanks to all who have contributed to make the this project what it is today :D

      I thank you all.

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