about new release of qpegps

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear qpegps team,
    i have used qpegps without any problem for sometime(Thank you!!!), and be waiting for the new release which support vector map files(e.g., shapefile), is there a schedule to release a new excellent version?
      i notice that there isnt route support in the current version, is it will be support in the next version?

    • Ralf Haselmeier

      Ralf Haselmeier - 2005-06-21

      This and other new features are planned (and prepared) for more than 2 years and it will take at least a few months until they can be added. It's not a lot of work, but I do not have time to work on the project.


      Any help is welcome

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        > Any help is welcome

        Is it a reasonable development path to load the vector
        and raster maps with GDAL
        http://gdal.maptools.org ?
        It will add the dependency on this (relatively big for a PDA) library, but
        we can then easily reuse the code from qgis

        • Ralf Haselmeier

          Ralf Haselmeier - 2005-06-24

          There already is a vector code for qpegps:
          If you or someone wants to work on this (or other items),
          please contact me per email before you start (there are a lot of ideas and concepts.. which else might not fit together).


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