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    First I want to thank the developpers op qpegps for their exceptional application.

    After playing a little with qpegps, I noticed that there was not an easy way to get a suitable map collection. The available perl scripts are working, but it is quite difficult to get exactly the maps I wanted.
    Therefor I wrote a QT based desktop browser (QgpsMapBrowser) that allows me to retrieve maps from different providers, allowing me the choice whether to save a downloaded map to my map collection. At this point QgpsMapBrowser is ready for release.

    -Download maps from different providers (Maptuit, Expedia)
    -Select size of the maps (320x240 up to 2000x2000)
    -Select scale of the maps
    -Select any European capital to start with
    -Saves in png format and provides maps.txt file
    -Left mouseclick in a map recenters the map around the clicked location
    -Right mouseclick in a map opens a new window with the map of that location with size 240x320 and scale 1:27500

    The last feature creates maps that are exactly the size of the screen of an ipaq. I use it to download maps of highway intersections. When approaching such a section qpegps switches automatic to this map (because of the small scale). I modified qpegps a little bit, so that when a map is active that is exactly the size of the screen, the map doesn't move anymore. Instead the crosshair moves over the screen. For anyone who is interested in this code I provide a diff of mapdisp.cpp.

    Please let me know what you think of it. If you want something added or if you can provide me details of other map providers, let me know.

    Regards, Friso

    (build it with "qmake", "make", "make install"


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      very cool !!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great util!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Anyone going to pack it into ipk?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yes of course very cool, ... for programmers...
      Please, you cannot leave such a brilliant tool hidden behind pure source code. Please build a website with additional information and binaries

      please please please

      knut, Berlin

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I'm sorry, but I do not know how to build a proper website. It's something else than programming, you know :(
        And as for the binaries, you request, I have to disappoint you; I have only a slackware box here, and I am pretty sure the binaries I compile here, will not run on your system. But if you can convince the qpegps project maintainers that they should pay attention to this software, I'd be happy to assist them in getting it to a proper release.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This piece of software sound really cool! But I have the sam e problem, can't compile it. Help? ipk? Would be great!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hallo, your Link is not working.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I would love to compile this. What do I need to install to get it to compile under OZ?  I went thru the compile on my Linux box but it's also missing some dependencies even though I have the latest qt.  Any help or a ipkg would be nice.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i have try with qt3 on openbsd and macosx and don't compile it

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hello Friso ,you do a great thing! very nice of you
      what shuld do i,if i download maps from http://map.badidu.com?
      or,i make maps bv MapInfo,what i load the map by your Qgpsmapbrowser?
      help me,please and thanks!

      my email:fmwd168@163.com
      fmwd,beijing china

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      is there an ipk for this package ?
      I want to try it on my c-3100

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sounds cool, but my ONLY Linux box is my SL-C3200.  I can't build this on my laptop, nor can I build an ipk.  Sadly, it looks as though this lovely tool will remain only in the domain of programmers with multiple Linux machines.  I program for a living, and I *don't* want to have to do it in my spare time.

      Is there anyone out there who might like to help out a few good people?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Both of the links you provided do not work?  Is there another place to download this tool from?  I REALLY want to try to compile it.

      Mike Fox


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