New prerelease qpegps

  • Voblin

    Voblin - 2005-12-13

    Whats new in

    1. New feature: Now available drawing of the saved places (waypoints) on the moving map. For switching on this mode you can press "OK" button and chose "Draw places" menu item. You can switching off this mode you can press "OK" button and chose "Don't draw places" menu item.
    2. New feature: Now available animation of the saved tracks by the moving map. For start of the animation you can (in "Map mode") press "OK" button and chose "Animate track" menu item. Then you can choose track file (saved in /home/QtPalmtop/qpegps/tracks/ directory). Also you can choose "Time accelerator" which is accelerate animation time. For example if you set "Time acceleration:"=10 time in animation will be 10 times faster then real time.You can setup "Time Zone: GMT+" field you can enter time shifting from GMT (Grinvich Mean Time). Also if you will check "Shortcut large time interval" all time intervals (accelerated not original) larger then 1 minutes will be converted to 5 second. This is useful if you animate track with long term stops.
    To stop animation you can in "Map mode" press "OK" button and chose "Stop track animation" menu item.
    3. In map mode even if map is not available you can move coordinates by arrows buttons. This is useful to return back to area which is covered by map.
    4. One additional source ( added to download many maps. But this source genereate only low resolution maps.
    5. Now qpegps save altitude in the places file. But places.txt file format now is not compatible with previous version. Sorry...
    6. Known problem. This is a problem in Cacko ROM v 1.23. setting 4800 baud rate frozen Zaurus (stty 4800 < ttyS3). This is the problem with serial_cs driver, For solving problem in the console enter command:
    $ cardctl ident 0
    product info: "TFAC ", "CF30 GPS", "2001", " "
    function: 2 (serial)

    Then copy product info strings to the file:  /etc/bluetooth/serial and add to the end of the string such substring: ":baud_base 1000000 spd_cust divisor 24"
    For this example whole string will:
    "TFAC ", "CF30 GPS", "2001", " ":baud_base 1000000 spd_cust divisor 24
    After it you must use 38400 speed instead of 4800. So for 4800 GPS card working on /dev/ttyS3 port use gpsd Args: -p /dev/ttyS3 -s 38400.
    So you must use 8 times higher speed.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Does this version work on OpenZaurus ?

    • gab74

      gab74 - 2005-12-18

      wokrs well on C3100 running CAKO 1.23 and GLOBASAT BC307 GPS

    • Voblin

      Voblin - 2005-12-19

      I haven't OpenZaurus platform, so I don't know.
      But I think no.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Has anyone tested the new version with a bluetooth gps?

      • roerich64

        roerich64 - 2005-12-29

        Yes, it works fine.
        ARCHOS PMA430 with USB-BT-Dongle and NAVILOCK BT-338.


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