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    To make it easier to define maps for use with qpeGPS, I've put up a website that has a number of definition and conversion tools for lon/lats, a few hundred waypoints from all over the world, and instant links for downloading maps from several online servers. Maptext entries are built automatically and can be stored into a text file. Based on the waypoint entries, the site will also calculate distances and bearings between waypoints.

    For the English version, go to:
    For the German version, go to:

    For either site, add the following sets of arguments to insert your own waypoints:

    For qlat, insert your latitude; for qlon, your longitude, for qname, your place name. You can add multiple sets of waypoints by repeating "&qlat= ..." etc.


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      THats a very good thing. You obviously found a way to send the coordinates to the specific web server. Is there a way to use a script to fetch a number of maps at the same time and without web browser ??

      I tested the perl script mapfetch (see this forum) and it works simple and very well unfortunately maptuit supports only the USA (free of charge).

      I looked at the code of mapblast and I think it is very much encrypted. There might be a way in parsing the html code and sending the encrypted link once again with wget but I don't know how this can be done in perl.

      May be somebody else has already a solution like mapfetch ???

      Knut, Berlin

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      -- Added an online manual in English and German.
      -- Hope to add Mapblast support soon.

      Pazu (

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      -- Mapblast support is added.
      -- Waypoint support is extended (now ca. 100,000 place names).
      -- Should work with any major browser.

      Pazu (

      • Nobody/Anonymous



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