compiling qpeGPS

Maria Cruz
  • Maria Cruz

    Maria Cruz - 2003-04-29

    is there any documentation on compiling qpeGPS?  any makefile?

    • Ralf Haselmeier

      Ralf Haselmeier - 2003-04-30

      Use the file. For usage see

      • Maria Cruz

        Maria Cruz - 2003-04-30

        thanks.  do you think it is possible to build your application outside of Qtopia?  I plan to use Qt/embedded env without Qtopia on a handheld.

        • Ralf Haselmeier

          Ralf Haselmeier - 2003-05-01

          You will find a DESKTOP define inside the source code. You can compile it with Qt if this define is set. But not all Qtopia classes are replaced by "pure" Qt classes. You'll have to implement a few functions (e.g. QComboBox instead of MenuButton in the "Config" tab).

    • Aloysius Bambang Prayitno

      I got the following message as I tried to compile qpeGPS 0.9.1:

      gcc  -o qpegps gpsdata.o client.o mapdisp.o mapinfo.o maps.o settings.o fetchmap.o route.o dirview.o dirdialog.o gpsstatus.o track.o qpegps.o moc_gpsdata.o moc_client.o moc_maps.o moc_mapdisp.o moc_mapinfo.o moc_settings.o moc_fetchmap.o moc_route.o moc_dirview.o moc_dirdialog.o moc_gpsstatus.o moc_track.o moc_qpegps.o  -L/opt/Qtopia/lib -lm -lqpe -lqte
      /opt/Qtopia/lib/ undefined reference to `QWizard::staticMetaObject()'
      collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
      make: *** [qpegps] Error 1

      I downloaded the source files using the cvs command on the website to get 0.9.1.
      Before compiling I did tmake -o Makefile

      I can successfully build the example project of Qtopia, so I think I don't know where the error could be.

      I'm trying to take a look at the codes to see if my programming skill is enough to help contribute in this project.


    • NXTL

      NXTL - 2007-12-11

      I can't open the link . Can you open it ? If yes, could you share with me ? I just download the source code and I don't know how to compile .


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