Compile qpeGPS 0.9.1

  • NXTL

    NXTL - 2007-12-11

    I have downloaded the source code but I don't know how to compile it. Do you have any document else about this ?

    • blomster

      blomster - 2007-12-12

      To compile for the Zaurus today you need a special "half-modern" development environment with an older version of gcc etc. A good way is to set up a dedicated, emulated machine so you dont disturb your normal work computer. Follow the instructions on
      It worked for me!
      Good luck / jens

    • NXTL

      NXTL - 2007-12-21

      Thanks blomster . But I want to compile and run qpeGps for Linux Desktop . Can I do it ? If yes, how can I do ? Could anyone help me ?


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