map image resizing

Maria Cruz
  • Maria Cruz

    Maria Cruz - 2003-06-10

    When I resize the app to "full screen" I get a black border around map image.  What causes this?  How can I stop this?

    • Ralf Haselmeier

      Ralf Haselmeier - 2003-06-11

      I've never had this.
      I assume that the black border are the pixels which are usually the frame of the window. Is this correct? (width of the black border is the same than the width of a window frame).
      You might try some "WStyle_" flags in the constructor of the widgets (main and/or tab widget).
      Does it happen, if You are running it with the -qws option (or QApplication::GuiServer as Type for QApplication) ?

    • Maria Cruz

      Maria Cruz - 2003-06-11

      The black border width is NOT the same as the width of the window frame.  It looks like "filler" around the image in MapDisp.  I run the app on a Linux PC (Intel P4).  On startup the map has no black border.  as a stretch the main window frame, i start to see the black border.    I found after a size of "viewer->resize(581,352)" I start getting the border.

      I am running with "-qws" option on the target ARM system. 

      I will try the "WStyle_" flags in the constr. 

      • Ralf Haselmeier

        Ralf Haselmeier - 2003-06-12

        What is the size of the map ?
        qpegps lets the parts of the screen black, where the image doesn't cover the area (but I don't think thats the problem).
        You may try setMaximumSize(width,height) for the main widget (and the tabs?). I don't know what the default value for maximumSize is (You can read it with QSize QWidget::maximumSize()).


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