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QPDF 2.2.0

I have released qpdf 2.2.0. Major changes from 2.1.5 include new library interfaces for adding streams and replacing stream data, making possible a whole range of new possible applications.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-08-14

qpdf 2.2.rc1

I've uploaded a release candidate for the shortly forthcoming 2.2.0 release. The major change here is the addition of some new methods to QPDFObjectHandle that allow creation of new streams and replacement of data for existing streams. There is also new convenience routines for manipulating dictionary keys and for working with a page's content streams. I intend to release 2.2.0 within the next week or two. Please note that 2.2.rc1 is not the default download, so you have to download it explicitly if you want to try it out.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-08-08

qpdf 2.1.5

I have released qpdf 2.1.5. The only change from 2.1.4 is a fix that enables encryption and decryption of files whose file identifier (/ID) strings are not 16 bytes long.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-04-25

qpdf 2.1.3

I have released qpdf version 2.1.3. There are two small bug fixes in this version, both for relatively obscure cases. This version of qpdf is able to read files with incorrect padding at the end of AES (encrypted) streams, and it is also able to rewrite files with certain types of unreferenced objects in them. For details, please see the ChangeLog file.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-03-27

qpdf 2.1.2

I have released qpdf 2.1.2. This release includes a fix to a bug that sometimes caused qpdf to crash with an assertion failure when linearizing some files with "compressed objects". This bug was due to the padding calculation failing to take compression into account.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2010-01-25

qpdf 2.1.1 has been released

I have released qpdf 2.1.1. There are no functionality changes relative to 2.1. The only changes are a small tweak to an internal header file to make it compile properly with gcc 4.4 and an enhancement to the test suite to let it ignore a broken Adobe Reader installation.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-12-14

qpdf 2.1 is out

I have released version 2.1 of qpdf. There are no significant changes from the release candidate. The changes from the release candidate include a small code change to make qpdf more tolerant of certain damaged files and some improvements to the RPM .spec file.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-10-31

2.1 release candidate available

I have uploaded a 2.1 release candidate. If there are no major problems over the next week, I will release a final 2.1 version next weekend. Sources and Windows binaries are available. A version is also being uploaded to debian's experimental release.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-10-24

2.1 beta release coming soon

I plan on doing a 2.1 beta release very soon, hopefully this weekend if possible. Among the major enhancements are full Windows support and support for newer encryption formats (AES, crypt filters) along with several API improvements. Stay tuned!

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-10-22

qpdf passes test suite on Windows

I have a version of qpdf that now passes its test suite on Windows. I'm looking into how to make the functionality available from a DLL before releasing a beta version. Let me know if you are interested in trying it out in the mean time.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-07-15

Windows port in progress

I'm in the process of working on a Windows port of qpdf. I've made a handful of portability fixes already, though all the changes are minor. I expect to be working on this very gradually over several weeks. I'll probably release the result as version 2.1.0, most likely with a beta release or two ahead of it.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-07-13

QPDF 2.0.6 hsa been released

I have released 2.0.6 with one very small bug fix: qpdf now properly ignores stream decode parameters that it doesn't understand while leaving the stream unfiltered.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-05-03

QPDF 2.0.5 has been released

Version 2.0.5 includes a small bug fix to the LZW decoder and some enhancements to make it easier to work with files that have damaged streams.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-03-10

QPDF 2.0.4 has been released

Coincidentally, just days after I released 2.0.3, I incorporated some improvements suggested by a user and fixed a long-standing problem with the LZW decoder's handling of a type of input I didn't have a sample of! 2.0.4 includes this small fix to the LZW decoder and a few other minor enhancements.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-02-23

QPDF 2.0.3 has been released

I have released qpdf version 2.0.3. There are no functional changes to the qpdf program itself. The only functional change is in a library method for returning strings with UTF-8 encoding. This method now properly decodes UTF-16 strings in the PDF file. There was also a change made so that qpdf 2.0.3 compiles properly with gcc 4.4.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2009-02-15

QPDF 2.0.2 has been released

QPDF 2.0.2 has been released. There are no functional changes from 2.0.1. The test suite has been modified so that it works properly with Perl 5.10 and with /bin/sh that isn't bash.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2008-06-30

QPDF 2.0.1 has been released

QPDF 2.0.1 has been released. This version is functionally identical to 2.0 but includes fixes for 64-bit systems, gcc 4.3, and systems that don't have multiple English language locales configured.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2008-05-06

2.0.1 coming soon

It turns out qpdf 2.0 has a few issues with 64-bit systems, gcc 4.3, and systems that don't have some english language locales. 2.0.1 will be coming shortly to fix all of these issues.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2008-05-05

QPDF 2.0 has been released

The QPDF 2.0 release is now available.

Posted by Jay Berkenbilt 2008-04-29

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