On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 8:09 AM, Helder Magalh„es <helder.magalhaes@gmail.com> wrote:

 3. The current proposed change to support such behavior is through a
configuration setting (maybe a
boolean "UseMixedMode" property, whose default value was the current
behavior) which would allow disabling any URL modification [7]. The idea was
to know how does the community feel about this in order to attach a feature
request afterward. Also, (possibly better) proposals are more than welcome!

What you and the referenced link are describing are behaviors of web servers / backends.  Although we can allow sending or not sending parameters attached to the URL (via some property setting, boolean, etc.), the issue remains of how to avoid caching.  (The property "prohibitCaching" in qx.io.remote.Request is already there, and can be set to false to avoid the parameter being added to the request, although that also prevents sending the "Pragma:no-cache and Cache-Control:no-cache headers as well.)  The parameter we currently send ("nocache") is there solely to ensure that the URL is unique on each request so that the request is processed each time rather than pulling a previous response from a cache.  Hopefully we'll hear from those with real expertise in this area, but I strongly suspect that leaving off that parameter will lead to random problems dependent on the browser, settings of the browser, web server, and settings of the web server.  Testing an application would become extremely difficult.

Since the name of the parameter that is automatically added to the URL is known, an application running on a server that implements Mixed Mode could also simply ignore that parameter.  It's called "nocache".