Ok, as soon as we can we'll give it a try.


On 11/07/14 08:15, Martin Wittemann wrote:
- Before dragging an element both from the tree and from the table, you must click/tap on it to get it selected and highlighted. If not, you don't really know what you are dragging (I haven't tried to select the elements on the drag event yet, and thus I don't know if it could work).
We had to change our code in all our drag & drop samples as well because of the updated selection behavior we changed due to touch scrolling (see other thread on the list). You can check out e.g. the drag & drop demo in the demobrowser [1]. We showcase the new API named 'getDragTarget' [2] there which might help you understand the new way to handle that.

- Selecting and dragging multiple elements is even worse. In the table, having some elements selected you really only drag the element you put the mouse over when starting the drag. Again we still haven't tried to change how our code deals with events and selected elements, but in Qx 3.5 it worked like a charm.
There is also a table demo [3] you might want to check out. But basically its the same idea.

Sadly, I have had to switch back to 3.5 because we are in a bit of hurry right now and I am not able to do tests right now, perhaps tomorrow or next week…
We recently released 4.0.1 with some drag & drop fixes. So if you update, make sure to use that release instead of the 4.0 release.


[1] http://demo.qooxdoo.org/current/demobrowser/index.html#ui~DragDrop.html
[2] https://github.com/qooxdoo/qooxdoo/blob/master/application/demobrowser/source/class/demobrowser/demo/ui/DragDrop.js#L104

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