We've just migrated a 3.5 application to Qooxdoo 4.0 and we've found a behavior change in selections that affects the way interaction occurs in that application.

In 3.5, both in trees and tables (and everywhere I suppose), the selection of the item is done in the MouseDown event while in 4.0 is done when the Mouse button is released (MouseUp / PointerUp or Click / Tap). I've seen that handleMouseDown() and handleMouseUp() methods in the manager class have been replaced by a single handleTap() method, but I still do not find the way to get it working like it did in 3.5 (I got it partially, but then multi-selections got broken).

PS: I've applied the patch (bug #8434), that was the only related bug I could find.

You can just view what I am talking about in the showcase:

Qooxdoo 3.5.1


Qooxdoo 4.0