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Qonk / News: Recent posts

qonk 0.3.1 released

Due to a small bug which slipped in the last version we released a bug cleaned version.

See HISTORY and/or the release descriptions at the Sourceforge download page for details.

Thanks go to Troels Kofoed Jacobsen who provided the patch.

Have fun!

Posted by Robert Schuster 2007-09-14

qonk 0.3.0 released

The development team is happy to announce the first public release of Qonk.

Qonk is a small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules. It was initially developed by Anthony Liekens in 2003. In the beginning of 2007 this sourceforge project was founded to continue the games' development as a community project.

Some highlights of the current release:
- updates ship and sun graphics
- menu system
- advance to next level without restart ;)
- ...... read more

Posted by Robert Schuster 2007-09-09