I like this project idea!

  • Anonymous - 2003-05-26

    Well, the subject pretty much says it all. I just wanted to let you guys know that at least someone is interested in it ;) I cannot code worth a crap, but I would be happy to be a tester for the program.

    That said, I have used (and still use) Qmodem on Windows for connecting to a few bbs's via telnet. On my redhat system I use screen, but the ansi screens just don't look right and so I am always using qmodem. I wanna do away with windows one day so this would be one more step towards that goal ;)

    • Kevin L

      Kevin L - 2003-05-28

      Cool, glad you're interested!  It all started with me saying "now where's a telnet/ssh client with both ANSI and scrollback?" and not finding much out there.

      Check out the slated items on the latest TODO  -- if you see any features that you'd like just let us know.

      • Anonymous - 2003-05-28

        The TODO list looks pretty complete to me. I did have a question on download/upload support. Should I assume that includes the common protocals such as zmodem, etc? I use zmodem for file transfers in qmodem in windows -- that's why I'm asking. (I just recently stumbled upon the sz and rz utilities. I've been using linux since 1997 and just now discovered them! LOL )
        On a side note (but loosely related), I am starting a BBS. It will be a linux box. Haven't decided on the BBS software yet.

    • Kevin L

      Kevin L - 2003-05-29

      Yes, zmodem is the primary protocol.  The transfer screen (it's on the screenshots page now BTW) is tied closely to the GPL rz/sz, so anything they support we should also.  That's why I don't have "XModem Relaxed" because I haven't seen rz/sz flags to do it.

      After the 0.0.5 release we're going to bang very hard on all of the protocols and emulations, and also verify using them over long connection chains.  The goal is:  ssh to host 1, telnet to host 2, ssh to host 3, rlogin to host 4, and THEN be able to do zmodem autostart and have it all work.  When that works we'll officially call it "alpha".  *grin*

    • Arthur Johnston

      Arthur Johnston - 2004-04-18

      This project idea is Great..

      Any chance of getting a "zip" version of the file. I would really like to try this out, in a WINXP enviroment!

      • Kevin L

        Kevin L - 2004-04-18

        Unfortunately, it will be a while before I've got Windows support.  :(  Mainly two reasons:

        1) I've obviously put little time into the project this year due to personal life stuff:  a job change this winter, and now a move cross-country.  I'm hoping to resume the project this summer after I get the VT100 support up to 100%.

        2) Supporting the Windows environment will take a rather significant amount of porting inside the network/tty handling and quite a bit of new packaging for libraries that normally ship in Unix.  It's not TOO bad, and in fact I just made it the first feature request. :)  But it'll take a while, and I wouldn't consider it done until it can be right-click installed on 98/NT/2000/XP.

        Alas, it may be several months or even a full year from today before it'll be ready for you.  I wish I could say sooner but I'm still a lone code cowboy for now.  :)

        But thanks for swinging by and looking.

  • Kevin Lamonte

    Kevin Lamonte - 2012-06-17

    It's been a long while, but version 1.0alpha is now out which runs natively on Windows XP and above.

  • Kevin Lamonte

    Kevin Lamonte - 2016-03-14

    The github codebase is the home of the impending 1.0beta release. As of last week the 1.0beta "preview" installer on the project homepage supports Windows 2000 and above and ReactOS. Windows is not as tested as the Linux version (especially com ports), but it is at full feature parity now.


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