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QM Promisance v4.81 Released

QM Promisance v4.81 has been released in order to address several significant bugs in version 4.8.

Posted by Quietust 2014-10-01

QM Promisance v4.8 Released

QM Promisance v4.8 has been released, including several notable backend changes, new features, and bug fixes.

Posted by Quietust 2014-09-01

QM Promisance v4.7 Re-released

QM Promisance v4.7 has been re-released to fix a bug with joining clans using the clan's password. If you are already using version 4.7, you can download and apply "qmprom4_7_fix.diff.bz2" to fix your installation.

Posted by Quietust 2012-08-10

QM Promisance v4.7 Released

QM Promisance v4.7 has been released, including a significant bugfix for the database changes introduced in version 4.6.

Posted by Quietust 2012-08-01

QM Promisance v4.6 Released

QM Promisance v4.6 has been released, including significant database backend changes.

Posted by Quietust 2011-06-01

QM Promisance v4.5 + MySQL Advisory

Webmasters hosting QM Promisance v4.5 games using a MySQL database are advised that a bug in MySQL may result in turn updates failing to release entity locks under certain circumstances, rendering the game randomly unusable for certain users. The bug is described at the following URL: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=51763

Until a fix for MySQL is available, administrators are recommended to change the "locks" database to use the MYISAM engine using the query "ALTER TABLE locks ENGINE = MYISAM" - while this should improve stability, it may result in reduced performance under high load.

Posted by Quietust 2011-04-05

QM Promisance v4.5 Released

QM Promisance v4.5 has been released, including several notable backend changes and bug fixes.

Posted by Quietust 2011-04-02

QM Promisance v4.4 Released

QM Promisance v4.4 has been released, including several significant new features (most notably crontab-less operation), interface improvements, and bug fixes.

Posted by Quietust 2010-10-02

QM Promisance v4.2 Released

QM Promisance v4.2 has been released, primarily consisting of structural changes and interface improvements.

Posted by Quietust 2009-05-01

QM Promisance v4.1 Released

QM Promisance v4.1 has been released, primarily consisting of bugfixes. Notable new features include support for PostgreSQL databases, Clan invites, a space for users to store notes, and the ability for Administrators to block users from sending private messages or flag them for extended logging.

Posted by Quietust 2009-04-01

QM Promisance v4.0 Released

QM Promisance v4.0 has finally been released, after months of coding and testing.

As a result, QM Promisance v3.31 (Standard and Clanless) is now officially retired.

Posted by Quietust 2009-01-02

Final release (for now)

After far too long, I've decided to release QM Promisance Standard/Clanless v3.3, the code which has been running on qmt.ath.cx for the past several years.

This will be the final version from the aging 'divided' codebase; a [very] incomplete 'unified' version will appear in SVN some time soon.

Posted by Quietust 2007-11-27

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