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New Release

Version 0.3 supports Qt4. There is also a new appender: SqlAppender, which allows logging to an SQL database. This has been tested with PostgreSQL only.

Posted by Max Strumia 2008-04-18

Feature request implemented

PropertyConfigurator can now configure even if .qmmslogrc is missing: it simply invokes configure() in the base class BasicConfigurator. Thanks to Rudi Strasser for this, because it's a good idea. This has not yet been incorporated in a new release: go to CVS and get the latest version. Many thanks to those few who use this code and like it. Anyone have any ideas why it's used so little?

Posted by Max Strumia 2004-03-11

Memory leak fixed

There was a memory leak in category.cpp, in logWithLevel(),
request ID 807098.

This has been fixed, and is available in CVS but not yet in a new release. Please use category.cpp from CVS.

Posted by Max Strumia 2003-12-08

Bugfix release

Several minor and embarassing errors have been fixed in this version. The tarball is much smaller since docs are no longer included but can instead be generated by the Makefile via doxygen. Tested against Qt 3.0.5. License is now GPL.

Posted by Max Strumia 2003-01-08

Second release

Qmmslog has been extensively tested and fixed. Use this version!

Posted by Max Strumia 2002-12-27

First release

First release (alpha). Includes PatternLayout, SyslogAppender, File-, Console-, and RollingFileAppenders, PropertyConfigurator, QTextEditAppender, and a few other features.

Posted by Max Strumia 2002-08-07