QMidiArp 0.6.0 Initial release including LV2 plugins

QMidiArp 0.6.0 is out, since of course it cannot miss the huge train of Q-Application updates just racing by for the new year!

This release includes LV2 plugins of the three QMidiArp modules. They are synchronizable to the transport info provided by different hosts in different ways, and they work well with the new Qtractor, thanks to Rui for updates regarding this.

I don't claim that I have fully understood LV2 host-GUI communication, but I found the recent sisco plugin by Robin Gareaus very instructive for this, thanks!

Happy new year!


qmidiarp-0.6.0 (2014-01-01)

New Features
o LV2 Plugins are now available for Arp, LFO and Seq modules
- They have full functionality as known from the standalone
application except MIDI control, which can be provided by the host
- The LFO plugin also has a LV2 control output scaled from 0 to 1
- When the 'Sync to host' option is checked, the plugins support
transport LV2 atom data from hosts as well as host transport
information available from designated lv2 time ports (Qtractor,
thanks Rui!)
- Arp pattern presets are available in the LV2 module but cannot be
written to the .qmidiarprc file. This has to be done with the
standalone application
- On hosts with small atom port capacities that do not honor the
lv2 rsz:MinimumSize property, there will be issues with displaying
very large LFO waveforms
- Features of QMidiArp beyond the modules themselves (including
global storage) are not available

Fixed Bugs
o Trying to open an inexistent file from the recent files menu led to
crash (reported by Frank Neumann)

Posted by Frank 2014-01-01

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