QMidiArp 0.5.3 maintenance release

Dear all,

QMidiArp 0.5.3 fixes a number of bugs and should from now on replace 0.5.2. It also has some minor functional improvements, all is listed below.

With thanks to all reporters, contributors and translators.



qmidiarp-0.5.3 (2013-11-26)

New Features
o Random functions for sequencer and LFO steps and arp repeat mode
(feature request #5 Keith Milner)

o NSM support now handles import/export/clear to facilitate
getting started (Roy Vegard Ovesen)
o Tempo is now MIDI-controllable (MIDI-learn)
o Sequencer transpose slider is now MIDI controllable (MIDI-learn)
(feature request #7)
o Sequencer pattern maximum length extended to 32 bars
(feature request #6)

Fixed Bugs
o LFO offset jumped back to fixed value when MIDI controlled
(bug #6 distrozapper)
o Arp trigger behavior was not practical with chords pressed on keyboard
(bug #7 Burkhard Ritter)
o JACK Transport no longer worked when no JT Master tempo was present
(bug #5 Barney Holmes)
o Deleting an arp pattern in text window while running caused crash
o Note lengths were not consistent between alsa and jack backends
o Note lengths did not account for current tempo
o Sequencer did not honor "D" button when MIDI controlled
o Seq note length is now a 16th at half slider scale

Posted by Frank 2013-11-26

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