On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 12:34 PM, Frank Kober <goemusic@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Here it is, a new QMidiArp version has arrived! The main new features are JACK MIDI,

which is the default backend now, JACK Session support, and a new in-sequence loop

marker that can be used to bounce the play direction or to loop at a mouse-clicked

position in the sequence. Note that you can still get the alsa backend by starting with
qmidiarp -a .

The full list of noticeable changes is below.

Thanks again to all having reported ideas and bugs and given their support.

Masters of the step sequencer, Enjoy!

I've been playing around with the new release a bit this morning and I pleased to say that I haven't noticed any of the jitter issues I was experiencing a few months ago with the earlier releases.  Great work!