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rc 0.4.1 released

QME-Dev wxSciPy Workbench rc0.4.1 has been released. Main Evolution:
Provide a GUI for SciPy, Provide framework to send/retrieve data from/to Python Shell into the
GUI, Provide a Data Analysis Workbench using Python/SciPy, Allow Multiple Python Shells that can run simultaneously, Python Shells 'running' in the GUI do not freeze the GUI when the Shells are running long tasks, GUI provides an excel-like look for your data and graphing capability with
import/export to CSV and other Data format, GUI provides a socket server and a socket client library class for accessing the GUI from your own scripts:it allows remote firing of scripts inside the GUI shells from your own external scripts and retrieval of Data setting and getting data from the GUI, etc...
>Tested: on Windows XP & Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty Fawn).
>Tested: GUI-DataGrid<->Shell transfer with Matrix up to 200,000
>Tested: with >3millions lines in DataGrid acquired from data acquisition files.

Posted by RFV-370 2007-06-28

QME-DEV Beta 2.x Released

APRIL 2007

What's New on QME-DEV (wxSciPy) workbench on Beta 0.2.x:

*Externally Processed Python Shell:
You can now Run several VERY long tasks and keep working with the wxGUI !
Thank you to Josiah Carlson for his library and helps on this issue. It is now functional.
The advantage of externally processed Python Shells is that you can start long tasks
and the wxGUI is not blocked or frozen. So you can use it to plot, prepare your script or do other things such as export/import data etc... (tested with 5 shells running on long tasks > 35min, tested:solo-long task > 1hr).
In fact the Python Shell windows in the main application are just terminals to the underlying Python Shells... which are external process to the application. The window you see is not the shell itself,.. this is clever.. and it does work nicely. Again. Thank you Josiah !... read more

Posted by RFV-370 2007-03-29

QME-Dev Data Anlaysis Workbench (SciPy) - Alpha 1.6 Released

QME-Dev Data Anlaysis Workbench (SciPy) - Alpha 1.6 Released today - 2nd March 2007.
Please report tests (or bugs) to the forum.

Posted by RFV-370 2007-03-02

QME-Dev Workbench (SciPy) - Aplha

The project will be aiming at the development of a workbench for data analysis. Another source-forge project will be deal with quantum macroscopic effects : QPendulum.

The QME-Dev Workbench is based on wxPython, using SciPy, NumPy and PyLab. The aim is to allow faster repetitive tasks analysis on data using dataset, data-pages templates, to allow curve fitting, research of variance in parameters in data-set (many datap-ages), analysis of signal, etc.. and allow easy save, draw etc.. without having to code each time and providing a GUI for researchers.... read more

Posted by RFV-370 2007-01-18

Basics of Quantum Macroscopic Effects

Articles about the Basics of Quantum Macroscopic Effects can be found there:

English link:

French Link:

Posted by RFV-370 2006-11-08