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qmail-spp - qmail SMTP plugin patch / News: Recent posts

Two new plugins

Thanks to Chris Caputo (ccaputo at alt.net) we have two new, great plugins: a powerful SPF implementation (at last!) and a universal, flexible filter of TCPREMOTEIP, SMTPMAILFROM and SMTPRCPTTO variables.

You may find the original Chris' submission in archives of the qmail-spp mailing list: https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=qmail-spp-general

Thank you!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2008-11-12

Limiting MAIL FROM rates

Alvaro Marin (alvaro at hostalia.com) contributed a new plugin for limiting the rate of same envelope senders, e.g. to 100 same "MAIL FROMs" per hour.

As usual, the plugin is available at qmail-spp plugin list.


Posted by Pawel Foremski 2008-10-30

New plugins: helodnscheck2 and maxrcpt

Ren Bing and Daniel Ortiz contributed two new plugins: helodnscheck2, which is an improved version of helodnscheck in C, and maxrcpt, which lets for setting maximum number of recipients per SMTP session. Thanks, guys!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2008-05-26

New greylisting plugin

Manuel Mausz (manuel at mausz, dot at) has implemented a new greylisting plugin, he writes:

"It's written in C and uses MySQL as database backend. The origin database scheme was derived from greylistexim but I've made some tweaks to get more speed and support for CIDR notations. To calculate this notations at insert-level MySQL 5.0 is recommended. However I've also included support for older MySQL releases, although they will have a about 0.5 to 1 seconds speed decrease per incoming mail (on a moderate weight mail server)."... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2007-02-20

Update to ra-plugins

Roberto Alsina (ralsina at kde dot org) has been improving his plugin collection for months and decided it's time to release it for testing.

You can grab the updated code at http://code.google.com/p/ra-plugins/ to help Roberto in bug fixing before he releases the 0.2.9 version.

See more details in his mailing list post: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=31556670&forum_id=41276

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2007-01-30

Two new plugins checking vpopmail and local user existence

Werner Maier (werner, at maiers, dot de) has updated the vpopmail_check_recipient plugin and released his own versions. He writes:

"I tried to use the vpopmail_check_recipient plugin, but it had some shortcomings, it did not support ezmlm-lists, a catchall account and and some "manually" edited .qmail-files.

So I patched it, and it works great now.

Then for one of my servers I needed a version that did NOT check against vpopmail but against local users instead.... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2007-01-18

Godshell qmail Toaster Wiki

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold (friz, at godshell, dot com) has updated his great qmail toaster site and published it as a wiki.

Apart of a guide on how to setup qmail with all goodies (along with qmail-spp, of course) you will find some more information about spam prevention and qmail in general there.

The site is available at http://toaster.godshell.com/

Contribute today! :-)

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2007-01-17

Updated plugin: helodnscheck (C version)

The helodnscheck plugin implemented in C has been fixed by Jason Frisvold. You can grab the updated version from our plugins list.

Thanks, Jason!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2007-01-17

New plugin: vmgrucheck

Catalin Constantin (catalin, at dazoot, dot ro) writes:

"I made a small Qmail SPP plugin for VMailMgr users checking, at SMTP level.

The code is here: http://opensource.dazoot.ro/member/catalin/vmgrucheck/ "

Thank you!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-12-03

New 3 plugins - authrequired, rblspp, authlogger

Tomislav Randjic (tomislavr at gmail, dot com) has written 3 great new qmail-spp plugins. He writes:

"I have another, hopefully useful, RBL plugin. This one is based on rblsmtpd code, and it is a patch to ucspi-tcp-0.88 which creates another executable 'rblspp' suitable for use as qmail-spp plugin. It behaves exactly like rblsmtpd:

rblspp: usage: rblspp [ -b | -B ] [ -c | -C ] [ -r base ] [ -a base ]... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-10-07

New plugin - mxcheck

Thanks to Jacek Jarosiewicz (jj, at, k2, pl), we have a new plugin - he writes:

"I've written a plugin for qmail-spp similar to mfdnscheck, but with the advantage of checking that the TCPREMOTEIP variable is one of the valid MX's for the incoming mail.

The plugin chcecks all MX records for the incoming mail's domain and checks wheather one of their IP's is the same as the TCPREMOTEIP environment variable. If the domain doesn't have an MX record, then it's A record is used.... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-09-01

qmail-spp 0.42 patch against qmail-ldap

Stephan Zalewski (stephan /dot/ zalewski /at/ web /dot/ de) has created qmail-spp 0.42 patch against qmail-ldap. You can grab it from:



Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-08-03

New plugin collection

This message is to announce new entry on our plugins list - 'ra-plugins'. Thanks to Roberto Alsina, we have 11 (!) new great plugins:

- authchecks,
- authlogger,
- hardcoderbl,
- ipthrottle,
- localmail,
- mfdnschecks,
- msa,
- rblchecks,
- rcptchecks,
- spfchecks (for libspf2) and
- tarpit.

Below is a direct link if you can't wait to grab them:

http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/lateral/stories/39.html... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-04-09

qmail-spp 0.42 released

This message is to announce release of the qmail-spp 0.42 version.

The ChangeLog says it all:
* fixed bug in qmail-smtpd.c where SMTPRCPTHOSTSOK was not set properly if RELAYCLIENT env var was set (authenticated client / tcprules); thanks for Roberto Alsina for reporting this
* added SMTPRCPTCOUNTALL env var which also counts rejected RCPT commands; thanks for Michael Handler for suggestion

Apart of standard patches, this release comes also with patch against Bill Shupp's smtpauth/tls combo patch v. 20060105. Thanks for Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold for this contribution.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-04-07

qmail-spp patch against qmail-ldap 20060201

Stephan Zalewski (stephan /dot/ zalewski /at/ web /dot/ de) has created qmail-spp 0.41 patch against qmail-ldap 20060201. You can grab it from:



Posted by Pawel Foremski 2006-02-24

Updated SPF plugin

I've just updated SPF plugin to work correctly with newer versions of libspf. You can find it in "Plugins" section. Have fun.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-09-06

qmail-spp patch against qmail-ldap

Andre Celso Zaiats (azaiats /at/ ludwig /dot/ org /dot/ br) was so kind to contribute qmail-spp patch against great qmail-ldap. You can grab the patch from:



Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-07-02

New plugins

Thanks to Perolo Silantico (per /dot/ sil /at/ gmx /dot/ it) we have some new plugins - see our list for details. Hope you'll like them.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-04-25

New plugin - lucheck

Peter Conrad (conrad, at, tivano, de) writes:

I have put up another plugin for download at


It checks recipient addresses against the local user database, and optionally against /etc/aliases and ~/alias/.qmail-<user>.

Quite effective against SPAM-bounces with faked sender addresses.

So we have new great plugin :) -- thanks!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-01-26

qmail-spp 0.41 released!

The new release introduce a few new features and small bug fixes.

Many thanks go to Michael Handler (handler /at/ grendel /dot/ net), as he's the author of most of the changes in this version. Here's list of important changes and new features:

- added support to specify alternative configuration file via SPPCONFFILE variable
- qmail's "rcpthosts" check is now run before SPP plugins and the result is passed using SMTPRCPTHOSTSOK variable
- fixed SMTPRCPTCOUNT - don't increase it if qmail denies mail
- refuse to start if configuration file cannot be found... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-01-24

The Godshell E-Mail Toaster

Jason Frisvold has just completed a "qmail toaster" site, it's available at


The site describes how to setup qmail with vpopmail (MySQL backend), content filtering (SpamAssassin and Clam AntiVirus), IMAP server (great Binc IMAP) and of course qmail-spp. Be sure to check it out!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-01-19

qmail-spp-smtpauth-tls patch

Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold (friz /at/ godshell.com) was so kind to create qmail-spp 0.40 patch against Bill Shupp's AUTH/TLS composite patch. You can find it here:



Posted by Pawel Foremski 2005-01-04

qmail-spp-smtpauth-eh patch

New qmail-spp 0.40 patch against Erwin Hoffmann's SMTP AUTH v. 0.4.3 implementation has been contributed by Lordy (lordy /at/ lordy /dot/ de). It's available for download from


If you created new qmail-spp patch against other qmail flavors - don't hesitate and let me know!

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2004-12-06

qmail-spp 0.40 released!

This release brings several new features.

First of all, new events have been added - [connection] and [data] - which can be used to execute plugins just after client connection and after DATA command. Errors now can be queued and shown later, there is also new command which omits standard qmail checks.

Core of qmail-spp has been moved to a separate file to make installation easier and future upgrades simpler.... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2004-12-01

qmail-spp 0.34 released

Version 0.34 fixes small issue; if you have some problems compiling qmail-spp (especially these giving syntax errors), please try this release.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2004-09-29