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Qmail-Scanner: Content/Anti-virus Scanne / News: Recent posts

Qmail-Scanner 2.06 released

New release adds support for current f-prot engine. Some minor bugfixes too

Posted by Jason Haar 2009-03-19

2.04 released

New release primarily ensures Q-S continues to work with updated versions of AV products

Posted by Jason Haar 2008-05-09

2.02 released

This release introduces a bunch of new tweaks to improve the effectiveness of Qmail-Scanner.

hanges include:

* Support for generating SMTP permanent errors for quarantine events -
including high-scoring SPAM
* Extra loop around spamc to enable Q-S to try up to three times to get
SA to produce a result
* newer Sophos support added
* enhanced logging possible - can contain GeoIP and OS details of
connecting host (via p0f)
* buglets fixed
* comments about needing daemontools and changes to SpamAssassin
requiring changes to tcpserver added... read more

Posted by Jason Haar 2007-10-08

2.00 released

This is announce that Qmail-Scanner 2.00 is officially out!

Changes since 1.25 include (but are not limited to)

* quarantine high-scoring SPAM
* new format to quarantine-events.txt policy file
* normalization of strings - to make pattern
matching more consistant
* and many more!

Posted by Jason Haar 2006-04-04

1.24 released

Not a big release, primarily upgraded bits to catch newer versions of existing AV sub-systems (clamav-0.80 being the one most care about!), worked around a perl bug in FreeBSD and the beginning of anti DoS code.
See CHANGES for full list of changes

Posted by Jason Haar 2004-10-22

1.23 Released

Qmail-Scanner 1.23 has been released.

Fixes a few issues with newer versions of some AV scanners, as well as fixes some buglets with formatting/etc.

Structural changes to perlscanner - which are mostly invisible - and some defaults and installation checks have been changed.

See CHANGES for details

Posted by Jason Haar 2004-08-04

1.22 released

This is mainly a cleanup release - fixing a few outstanding problems.

The biggest change is that Q-S has gone back to calling /usr/bin/perl instead of /usr/bin/suidperl. This is to keep it in sync with perl - and will probably break some installs on older servers (which was the original reason /usr/bin/suidperl was used in the first place!). I'm afraid such sites will have to upgrade perl :-(

The only new feature is "--log-crypto". Turning that on allows Qmail-Scanner to log whether cryptography was used in a particular message (i.e. PGP, S/MIME or password-protected zip files). This is probably only of interest to the Qmail-Scanner sites in a commercial environment, and may have some privacy implications - so be careful turning it on...

Posted by Jason Haar 2004-04-20

Qmail-Scanner 1.21 released

Big release day at last!

Qmail-Scanner 1.21 contains many updates (as AV vendors change their products, so must we) along with new and novel ways to fight the evil hordes.

See CHANGES for details

Posted by Jason Haar 2004-03-12

1.20rc1 released

A Release Candidate for Qmail-Scanner 1.20 is out.

It has major changes that warrant a "burn-in" period by the more helpful sites before being called officially 1.20.

See CHANGES for full details

Posted by Jason Haar 2003-08-19

Qmail-Scanner 1.15 released

Mainly updates for changed virus scanners, support for perl 5.8 and workarounds for a SpamAssassin bug.

Posted by Jason Haar 2002-10-31

Qmail-Scanner 1.14 released

Bugfix release.

Fixes serious bug with fast_spamassassin code.

Posted by Jason Haar 2002-08-19

Qmail-Scanner 1.13 Released

Quite a big release this one. Contains support for Clam-AV - an Open Source antivirus scanner, as well as many small fixes for specific scanners. Logging has been fundamentally changed to provide better detail.

SpamAssassin support now includes the option to use "fast" scanning and still change the Subject: line (lots of people wanted that!).

Also now Qmail-Scanner can decide what kinds of viruses should cause *no* alert to be sent to the sender, typically due to the sender address being faked anyway - Klez is the default.

Posted by Jason Haar 2002-07-22

1.11 Released

Primarily a bugfix release fixing some issues with Sophos Sweep and unzip.

SpamAssassin support has been sped up! SA is da man!

Posted by Jason Haar 2002-04-24

1.10 Released

It's out.

I've decided to rename it 1.10 instead of 1.04 as this reflects the amount
of changes that have gone into it. More major philosophical changes that
code changes - but 1.10 it is :-)

One big philosophical change is that I want Qmail-Scanner to be thought of
as a "Content Scanner" instead of just an antivirus scanner. This has no
affect on those who just want to use it as an AV tool, but I see adding
support for (future) scanning of the body/etc looking for virus signatures
as no different as looking for other sorts of content - so Content Scanner
it is :-)... read more

Posted by Jason Haar 2002-01-22

Qmail Anti-virus harness: 1.02 Released

This release contains initial support for Sophie and F-Prot, as well as several other languages. There is now a requirement to be running maildrop-1.3.6+ due to a bug in earlier releases.

Posted by Jason Haar 2001-12-03

Qmail-Scanner 1.01 released

This is primarily a bugfix release to sort out a problem people have been having with the qmail-smtpd check subroutine (the infamous "Whoa!" error).

Also a small privacy issue with the "--add-dscr-hdrs" has
been corrected.

Support for Swedish and Polish added too.

Posted by Jason Haar 2001-09-09

Qmail-Scanner 1.00 released

Lots of cleaning up, small bug fixes.

Will now be able to focus on new features for the up-coming v2 series. Am looking at including anti-spam support, along with string matching within messages themselves (i.e. content filtering)

Posted by Jason Haar 2001-08-19

Qmail-Scanner 0.95 released

This release introduces "log-details". Now you can log in greater details each message as it passes through you network (e.g. subject, attachment filenames) via either syslog or a CSV file.

Support for Spanish is added as well as uudecoding support for non-Linux systems.

Posted by Jason Haar 2001-02-19

Qmail-Scanner 0.94 released

Fix for newer versions of Sophos and fix for handling of uuecoded attachments with stupidly long filenames

Posted by Jason Haar 2000-11-20

Qmail-Scanner 0.93 released

Now supports Computer Assosiates InocuLAN
German language support

Posted by Jason Haar 2000-10-10

Qmail-Scanner 0.92 released

New release.

Works around issue with newer version of reformime
and has Italian support!

Posted by Jason Haar 2000-08-23