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v0.15 released

Added ability to align regular text to left, right or center the same way as rounded text
Fixed issue with filters in open dialog
Added image preview to Qt open file dialog

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2011-01-11

New release 0.14 is ready

After quite some time new release is available:
Added Software Renderer to make preview available when no capable drives attached
Items have Z coordinate set to remove ambiguity
Saves from previous versions will have Z coordinate of items reordered on load

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2010-01-19

Bugfix release 0.13 is available

dbus config files fixed. qlscribe should work on ubuntu jaunty now.

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-05-17

New release 0.12 is ready

Fixed bug for round text not updating last used font

Main window stores/restores position and size from/to config

Round text changes radius and angle when dragged by mouse instead of moving the center

Added ability to open image as a document

Bugfix for labels opened from commandline not updating menu

Bugfix for not properly drawing partially covered window background

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-04-24

New release 0.11 is ready to use

Not to many changes, but still:
Application settings added with default font to use and option to eject media
Added functionality to eject media after print
Debian packages use standard procedure to install/upgrade config files


Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-04-04

New release 0.10 is available

Not too many changes, but this feauture should be usefull:
Undo/redo mechanism implemented

Some minor bugfixes also.

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-03-25

Print labels with CDDB data

In documentation read how to create qlscribe label template and embed CDDB data into it. Feedbacks, suggestions and corrections are strongly welcomed.

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-03-11

Release 0.9 is available

Most changes are in interface:
Parameter --image added to print label in console mode into image
Parameter --file added to process file in format KEY=VALUE
Copy/cut/paste added for items in label
Menu rearranged and menu items enabled/disabled based on state
Application icon added

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-03-11

amd64 ubuntu package is available for 0.8

Please give feedback if sometging does not work or should work better.

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-03-05

i386 ubuntu package is available for 0.8

Feedback is strongly welcomed
amd64 to come

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-03-05

Big step for qlscribe - release 0.8

This is pretty big step - application divided into two parts: qlscribe and dbus daemon lscribed. So this provides two benefits:
- qlscribe does not require sticky bit set
- qlscribe can be build as 64 bit

lscribed dbus daemon interacts with lightScribe API, activated by demand and terminates after 5 minutes of inactivity.


Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-03-05

Ubuntu package added for relase 0.7

Ubuntu package added. It depends on lightscribe deb which can be downloaded from http://www.lightscribe.org


Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-02-16

After some pause here is release 0.7

Z-order of items saved and resored
Bugfix for not loading radius for round text
Console mode printing implemented
While printing in console mode text can be replaced by application parameter

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-02-16

Meet release 0.6 - beta

As nobody reported any new bugs :) I decided to switch project status to beta stage now. So here are changes in this release:
Label mode and background color is added to scene
Added dialog to edit properties (color and mode) of the scene (label)
Scene passes mode to the print dialog
Bug fixes


Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-02-05

Bugfix release 0.5 is here

This is mostly bugfix release:
Bugfix for crash on writing
CD inner size increased to 25mm on QCDView
Maximum image size increased to 150
Fixed bug with not setting color on round text
Text scaled to 1/2
Fixed bug with missing button "OK" on pixmap edit dialog

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-02-01

Release 0.4 available

Scene detects when item is moved by mouse and changes status to unsaved
On installation sticky bit is set, qlscribe becomes root when burns label
Bugfix on progress dialog crush with empty document printed

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-01-31

Release 0.3 is here

Documents keep their names and detect changes (changes on item postion through window
itself is not detected yet)
Main window on close scan all documents and confirm to save changed ones
Document window confirm to save on close


Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-01-29

Release 0.2 is available

Changes in this release:
Print progress dialog shows elapsed/estimated time
Bugfix for not loading angle in round text item
Image items can be scaled now


Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-01-27

Very first release 0.1 is available

So far very first alpha release 0.1 is available. Small step but we already able to open/safe files (through "save as" though, just save is not implemented yet), insert text/round text/images (images are missing scaling though) and print layout on burner. Download and build instructions to come.

Posted by Vyacheslav Kononenko 2009-01-26

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