Pro-Light ARCLED

  • tolmino

    tolmino - 2014-04-08

    That fixture is compatibile with all Pro-Lights's ARC RGB series

    Last edit: tolmino 2014-04-08
  • Massimo Callegari

    Hi, I've added this one, but it was very incomplete.
    If you specify a model (7314HD) then you need to provide the full fixture including all the modes. TOUR and TR16 modes were missing.
    Physical information was missing too.

  • tolmino

    tolmino - 2014-04-19

    You are right.
    But that fixture is compatible with all RGB Led made by pro-lights from 5 year to today....
    the wrong think is to associate it to a model.... maybe a good think call that fixture as Pro-Lights-Arcled-series-RGB
    i use it with 6 different models and 3 of them now aren't in production.

    Some model have 1W RGB led x 9 ; other have 3W RGB led x 36 ; other have 3W RGB led x 72 .... and this is the reason because i have omitted physical information.

    As soon as possible, i'll send a fixture compatible with all RGBW pro-lights Led projector.


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