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QLC 3.0 for OSX

An OSX port is also available in the downloads section.

Posted by Heikki Junnila 2009-03-18

QLC: 3.0 is out!

The Q Light Controller (QLC) is an X11/Linux application to control DMX or 0-10V lighting systems like dimmers, scanners and other lighting effects. Our goal is to replace expensive and rather limited hardware lighting desks with free software.

This release includes (so far) Windows & Linux binaries as well as full sources. Go to the download page to get yours!

Posted by Heikki Junnila 2009-03-17

QLC 3.0 is coming...

QLC has been ported to Qt4 and is well on it's way towards release 3.0. New stuff will include (among others) full Windows and OSX ports, new virtual console widgets, very efficient function engine, multiple universe support, external input support etc..

You can already get the new version with svn and compile it, but the binary release won't be out until some more improvements and testing.

Posted by Heikki Junnila 2009-02-13

Release 2.6-0 is out

* Added normal desktop entries for qlc and dce under etc for non-debian
* Promoted debian release to version 2.6-0.
* Modified normal desktop entries to go under Multimedia.
* Modified debian desktop entries to go under Lighting.
* Renamed Q.png to qlc.png.
* Renamed fixtureeditor.png to qlc-fixtureeditor.png.
* Changed the default debian package command to exclude CVS dirs.
* Fixed DMX monitor menu entry to reset after close.
* Changed the context menu in monitor to a menu bar for better
accessibility on touch screens.
* Added support for universes to monitor.
* Fixed a small graphics bug in monitor that extended the device label
a bit too far only when the last channel was drawn on the next line.
* Changed device manager to use themed colors in device info
* Changed the X gap between two channels in monitor from 5px to 10px
* Removed channel variables from monitor
* Fixed monitor to display device labels on as many rows as necessary.
* Promoted version to 2.6.0
* Changed the version number to be taken from the version parameter
given in configure.in.
* Changed the DMX monitor to show all channels from the first universe
(rest of the universes to follow later).
* Monitor saves its position & size
* Monitor displays devices over their channels, but there is a bug
that doesn't draw the device rectangle to a second row.
* Added a preset menu button to console channel
* Added address column to device manager
* Added capability to create multiple devices at once.
* Improved Doc::newDevice() so that the device is not created
at all if parameters are not correct. Previously it was created
and then destroyed if parameters were incorrect..
* Created a bigger application icon (Q.png)
* Chaser & collection editors work a bit faster now that the function-
manager pops up again after an item has been added. This speeds up
inserting multiple steps.
* Added Eurolite-LED-PAR56.deviceclass
* Fixed a deadlock with collection creation in functionmanager
* Fixed double appearing of pasted chasers in functionmanager
* Fixed cutting of functions to really delete the original in fmanager
* Fixed a number of bugs concerning adding, removing and renaming
of functions and devices.
* Now scene editor, function manager and device manager are aware
of functions/devices that are added/removed/renamed in another
window than their own.
* Improved the plugin manager to show active plugins with an icon
* Device manager is only created when it is open, unlike previously,
when it consumed memory even though it was not open nor used.
* Added a preliminary plugin manager to File menu.
* Fixed a bug in XYPad, which didn't save the channels' reverse state
* Fixed EFX run order & direction, which didn't work at all before.
* Fixed a bug in efxeditor: correct start & stop scenes were not
selected when the dialog was opened a second time.
* --> Changed combos to listviews so that the function ID can
be hidden from the user.
* Fixed some tooltips in plugin config dialogs.
* Added double click as a default action for "Edit" in function
manager's editing mode, and "Select" as the default action in
selection mode.
* Changed all columns to show focus in collection editor.
* Added Fedora-specific stuff & error solution to libs/usbdmx/README
* Changed a double value in app.cpp to t_value (int) to get rid of
the compiler warning.
* Changed newdevice.cpp so that if the user has not touched the
name field, it will be filled with the device model. If the user
types something, the name is not replaced, unless length == 0.
* Removed libs/usbdmxout/Makefile.in because it is autogenerated.

Posted by Heikki Junnila 2006-11-25

QLC 2.5.1 beta released

* Experimental support for USB or Midi external fader units.
* Midi in/out support
* USB dmx driver for Peperoni-Light devices under kernel 2.6

Posted by Stefan Krumm 2006-03-06

QLC 2.5 has been released!

The new release is available in source code and as Debian and Ubuntu binaries from the download page.
Make sure to download both the program binaries and the fixtures/devices packages. The source package does already include the fixture library.

Posted by Stefan Krumm 2006-01-07