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German translation for Qixite


Florian Reichert (http://www.reichertnet.de/) has contributed a German translation.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2004-02-29

Qixite 0.0.11 released

Qixite 0.0.11 has been released today.

The new Qixite version allows you to insert a new site element before the selected element. It supports tables since version 0.0.10. Problem related to style file parsing has been fixed as well.

About qixite

qixite [quick site] - software for creation of web sites using predefined templates. Web site is represented by tree structure. User just have to type plain text. All the relationships and navigation between pages are generated by qixite.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-10-08

Fixing multilanguage entry problems in tables on Windows

It seems that tables cannot handle MBCS chars on Windows, there is some kind of problem in TStringGrid where it does not transfer the data after editing is done correctly.

I have tried to create a new form with one edit field just above the table cell being edited and using that TEdit object to edit the text. I have succeeded in doing that but this now means that you have to press Enter or F2 in order to start editing the cell contents. And you have to press Enter, F2 or Esc to finish editing. Esc - restores the value to the previous one.... read more

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-09-30

Qixite blog

I have created a blog for Qixite at http://qixite.blogspot.com/

I am going to put there most thoughts and status updates in there.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-09-15

Qixite development status - table suport


now that I am back from hollidays and moved to a new appartment I have started working on Qixite again. This time I am working on adding possibility to add tables to a web-site.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-09-02

Site Wide Variables storage in XML files is to be changed

Site Wide Variables storage in XML files is to be changed as it is currently impossible to describe them using XML DTD.

Site wide variables are currently implemented as attributes of element Qixite. They are to be replaced by Set of elements Variable with name and value attributes.

This means that conversion tool will be required to convert .qxt files into new version of .qxt format.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-04-14

Qixite 0.0.8 released

Qixite allows easy template based generation of web sites. It organizes the web site into a tree of nodes representing Pages, Text Sections, Images, and Links. It provides quick and easy way to publish your thoughts and information on Internet. The program generates links, style sheets and other things, the only thing user has to warry about is information.

Changes in 0.0.8:

- Possibility to use external editor (eg. Mozilla) for editing articles in WYSIWYG mode was added
- French, Spanish and Lithuanian translations were updated
- Several non-critical bugs were fixed... read more

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-03-03

Things expected in Qixite 0.0.8

- Updated French translation
- Couple of bugs fixed
- Editing the articles in external html editors

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-01-22

Qixite 0.0.7 has been released

Qixite 0.0.7 has been released, it features default stylesheet editing from within application.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2003-01-09

Features expected in Qixite 0.0.7

- Translations: French, Portuguese, Spanish
- Possibility to edit default skin

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-11-06

What is expected in Qixite 0.0.6

- Qixite 0.0.6 will be build with Kylix 3 OE.
- Kylix libraries will be packaged as a separate package.
- Each page will contain last modification date
- Drag and drop should be supported for chaning ordering of nodes in the site tree

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-09-29

Waiting for Kylix 3.0


Qixite releases will be temporarily stoped until I download Kylix 3.0 OE. I hope this will happen by the mid September.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-08-29


"Most recently used" feature implementation is in CVS already. It will be released some time later.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-06-24

Qixite 0.0.4 debian packaged fixed

Qixite 0.0.4 debian packaged fixed - updated links to qt libraries

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-06-20

Debian package does not work

Qixite Debian package does not work. It will be updated shortly.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-06-20

Debian packages

We are going to release Debian packages as of version 0.0.4 which is due in the end of June

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-06-06

New release is delayed

New release of Qixite is delayed due to my studies. It should be released sometime around 20th of June, 2002.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-06-06

We are going to change Qixite status to beta soon

I hope to change Qixite status to Beta sometime in the begining of 2002 June.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-05-08

Qixite 0.0.3 released

Qixite 0.0.3 has been released today.

Qixite is a tool for creating web sites. It displays a web site as a tree of pages, text sections, links and images.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-05-07

Qixite 0.0.2

Qixite 0.0.2 (April 2002) released. I would consider the proram to be almost beta testing ready, though I use it myself daily for developemnt and maintenance of 3 web sites.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-04-15

Qixite technology preview 2002 Mar released

Today I have released the first technology preview version of Qixite.

And don't forget the web site - it is here and it 100% made using Qixite.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-03-06

Web site for Qixite to be built soon

Web site for Qixite to be built soon (I hope in a week or so) using Qixite itself!!!

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-02-10

Qixite Status

Currently it is possible to add homepages and text sections to the web site.

It is possible to save the site data to xml.

And there is one xsl template, which performs transformations from saved xml file to web site, though it does not feature any design - only structure.

xsl transformations are currently done using command line tool xsltproc.

Anyway, I believe I will release initial alpha version of Qixite in about 2 weeks.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-01-30

Home page for the project

I have decided to create home page for this project using qixite itself. Therefore all you guys will have to wait until qixite becomes usable.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-01-16


Yesterday, I have submitted my homework at open university, so now I have more free time and can do some work on this qixite.

Posted by Linas Jakucionis 2002-01-16