QueryForm 1.0 released

Version 1.0 of the QueryForm Database Tool has been released.

QueryForm is a GUI app, written in Java, which provides a powerful form-based front end for relational databases. It supports multiple concurrent connections to different databases. Query results can be exported to CSV files or INSERT statements.

If you're a developer who writes database-centric software, QueryForm can save you the tedium of typing or pasting hundreds of SQL statements into an ISQL window each day to create test data or to verify that updates were peformed properly.

Included with this release is a custom installation program that will automatically install all of the needed third-party jar files. Other efforts were made to make QueryForm accessible to the non-Java-savvy user; for example, JDBC driver archives can be placed in a special "drivers" subdirectory and they will be available at runtime, without being explicitly added to the classpath.

Posted by Dave Glasser 2003-02-07

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