Hello Dave,

Here is the DDL for the Table as requested. I am not sure how to reply directly to your question in the thread on the qform-general forum so here is the answer in an email.

Thank you


CREATE TABLE dbo.Company (
    CompanyID int identity NOT NULL,
    GroupID smallint,
    CompanyName nvarchar,
    ContactType nvarchar,
    "Service Level" nvarchar,
    AccountRef nvarchar,
    CashAcc bit DEFAULT ((0)),
    BusinessType nvarchar,
    TradingStatus nvarchar,
    Address nvarchar,
    Address2 nvarchar,
    Address3 nvarchar,
    City nvarchar,
    County nvarchar,
    PostalCode nvarchar,
    Surname nvarchar,
    Title nvarchar,
    FirstName nvarchar,
    Initial nvarchar,
    Salutation nvarchar,
    PhoneNumber nvarchar,
    Ext nvarchar,
    FaxNumber nvarchar,
    MobileNumber nvarchar,
    "Email Address" nvarchar,
    Note ntext,
    CoReg nvarchar,
    LastSaved datetime,
    TimeSaved datetime,
    Tag bit DEFAULT ((0)),
    InputDate datetime,
    Position nvarchar,
    NextActivity datetime,
    NextVisit datetime,
    InputBy nvarchar,
    LastActivityBy nvarchar,
    NextActivityBy nvarchar,
    NextVisitBy nvarchar,
    FindMonth int,
    ChallCust bit DEFAULT ((0)),
    Source nvarchar,
    TelesalesRep nvarchar,
    FieldsalesRep nvarchar,
    Gone bit DEFAULT ((0)),
    SentToOpal bit DEFAULT ((0)),
    SentToOpalDate datetime,
    NoMailers bit DEFAULT ((0)),
    WebAddress ntext,
    SageAccNo nvarchar,
    DigitalStorageLink ntext,
    SSMA_TimeStamp timestamp NOT NULL

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