#5 Cannot toggle insert mode when row count equals zero

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There appears to be a bug in V1.3a.

When a query is run on a table with no rows, it returns
the expected result (no rows returned), however the
screens cannot be toggled into an "insert mode" unless
there is at least one row already in the table.

This means that the tool cannot be used to initially
populate an empty table.

Joel Lieberman



  • Dave Glasser

    Dave Glasser - 2003-09-19

    Logged In: YES

    Any time a form-based query is run, and no rows are
    returned, the active window is returned to the "enter query"
    state. If you entered any query parameters, they will be
    redisplayed, and you can edit them to refine your search, and
    click the Execute button (green gear icon) to try your
    modified search. When the window is in this state, the Add
    Row button is disabled, because it assumes you're going to
    try a different search. If you don't want to search again,
    after dismissing the message box you have to click the Cancel
    (red stopsign) or hit the escape key to put the window back
    to its initial state. Then you should be able to add a row.

  • Dave Glasser

    Dave Glasser - 2003-09-19
    • status: open --> closed

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