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expect ezmlm support in next release

We have planned to give ezmlm support in the next realese ..... SO mailing list thingys shud be possible....

Also Suse and debian distros would be supported ;)

Posted by vinay ramdas 2002-08-26

QFD next release expected in a couple of weeks

QFD Stable release candidate 1.3 will be released in a week with a major addition

new qmail rpm + pop/imap b4 smtp relaying + ezmlm-mysql

n previous bug fixes..
do check out this place after a week

Best Regards,
-Mitul Limbani
Project Admin
(mitul 2 mitul.com)

Posted by Mitul Limbani 2002-08-23

Stable Release!!!!

Hi all,

I have managed to get a stable release for qfd .. but due to lack of proper net connection i was not able to release the same ....

Look @ this page frequently ... it will here soon.

-Mitul Limbani
(mitul 2 mitul.com)

Posted by Mitul Limbani 2002-07-19

Beta Release !!

This project is in its beta release, and is tested to be working on RedHat 7.1. Kindly do mail me if it worked of any other distributions too.

-Mitul Limbani
(mitul at mitul.com)

Posted by Mitul Limbani 2002-07-17