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  • Tiago Castro

    Tiago Castro - 2013-04-05

    Hi, I'm sorry for my english. It's my first post here!
    The animation doesn't render as button…(when I unbutton object, the animation is perfect) ….but I need as button because the highlighted is necessary for dvd navigation.
    I create many scrips animation for dvd menu (not dvd slide), on script example for slide of the program.
    Example for text, image and video: rotate, start/end frame object, pos y/x, scale…..
    Wat's solution for this?

  • Tiago Castro

    Tiago Castro - 2013-04-07

    A correction:    I created some scripts animations for…..

  • Tiago Castro

    Tiago Castro - 2013-04-15

    I found a same problem >
    Re >

    I change the time on menu.xml (start="00:00:00.0 for start="00:00:03.0),  but  when I make something or when I click in 'Create  DVD',  the  Qdvdauthor back all over again to start="00:00:00.0. So I think this start="00:00:00.0 is time menu, and not time highlight.
    If there is solution for animate button, I create a transparent image over the image animation as a button.
    The highlighted option appears only when I click on "Define as Button".
    So, I need to delay highlighted to not disrupt my animation.

    I need a SOLUTION, thank's!

  • Tiago Castro

    Tiago Castro - 2013-04-15

    A correction:  If there is not a solution for animate button, I …..

  • Tiago Castro

    Tiago Castro - 2013-04-18

    I found the solution!!! First, I click 'OK' on 'Create DVD'. After, I change the time on menu.xml  in /tmp/Unnamed/Main Menu Vmgm & Submenu  (start="00:00:00.0 for start="00:00:03.0), on moment creating and rendering before Spumux job . 
    I think there is a way to do so by directly Qdvdauthor, but I realize that nobody here has time to help!!!
    Eu farei em breve um tutorial para este tipo de autoraçao (avançada e com animações) no Fórum Ubuntu, e postarei resultados no Youtube.
    Obrigado a Joe e Scott pela grande ajuda!
    Abraço a todos!


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