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  • Mark Vejvoda

    Mark Vejvoda - 2009-12-23

    After trying for a few days to create a DVD slideshow / video clips project I have been successful in getting things working in qdvdauthor with even better success and stability than I had previously with Nero Vision in Windows!

    The biggest downfall of this project is its lack of easy to follow documentation found in one easy to find spot! Here are some things to consider when making a project:

    - Once you create a slideshow or Video clip the application launches a background process (qrender) which handles converting your group of photos / videos into a .VOB file (Video Object format files).

    - To add background music to slideshows right click the slideshow and select 'slideshow' then in the second tab (the audio tab) add one or more sounds files… which leads me to the next and VERY important point…

    - For best results / success convert your audio files to .OGG format. I kept getting errors stating bitrate x is not allowed in mp2 and other such errors when I tried to create the DVD files. I eliminated almost ALL of my errors by converting my audio files to OGG then adding the OGG files as background music.

    - In the Setup screen avoid setting the background threads setting above 2.. for best stability set it to 1 thread. On my quad core the more threads I allowed the less stable things became.

    - Once a slideshow / video clips have "rendered" into a VOB file you may test that section by playing the VOB in your favorite media player (don't worry if the colours look wrong.. its just some flakiness in the media player, when you burn the project the colours will look normal).

    - If a VOB file doesn't look right or something seems wrong (example: not all photos show) right click on it and select re-render.

    This applicable is a great success for linux! Good job to the author(s) of QDVDAuthor and related tools.

  • Varol Okan

    Varol Okan - 2009-12-26

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have a couple of vids showing how to handle certain things on my HomePage, and on YouTube.

    However due to lack of time I did not keep them up-to-date.

    It would be great to have some people putting videos together to explain the handling of QDVDAuthor.

    Varol :)

  • John Curwood

    John Curwood - 2010-01-06

    A good idea to get some great documentation done is to set up a QDVDAuthor manual at  They are a community that writes free documentation for free software.  If you want I can contact them about setting up a manual as I already contribute to manuals listed on the website such as the Inkscape manual.

  • Varol Okan

    Varol Okan - 2010-01-06

    I think this would be great as I am really running short on time.

    Please go ahead and register QDVDAuthor.

    Varol :)

  • John Curwood

    John Curwood - 2010-01-07

    Hi Varol,

    I'm just letting you know that the manual for 'Q'DVD Author has been created at floss manuals.  I had quite an enthusiastic response from the maintainers about adding 'Q'DVD Author.  The manual can be found at the following link

    What would be the best method of communicating this to the 'Q' DVD-Author community for gaining contributions to the manual?




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