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  • Ig0r_Dragunov

    Ig0r_Dragunov - 2009-08-30

    Hi Varol,

    I use your software about 3 years, its unique in the free softwares, and working very well.You develop dynamically.So, now, i want to know more about Animation scripting.I look around the sample Animated Menus. What i saw it is a bash script or something like.I want to make a fuzzy text for the menu. How can i do that ? I tried some ways but my text always be static.
    Thanks for your help,

    Best Regards

    • Varol Okan

      Varol Okan - 2009-08-30

      Take a look at this tutorial

      Basically you can animate most of the objects attributes ( Such as position, size, shear, color etc )
      The Animation dialog will tell you which attributes are available per object.

      The actual format is in the form

      That is

      You can either type this yourself or generate any script which will print to stdout. This way you can use E.g. bash, or PERL or ruby or ... you get the idea.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.\

      Varol :)


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