ERROR - mplex -Menu VMGM/menu.m2v

  • kapetr

    kapetr - 2009-08-04

    I'm absolutely unable to create any DVD. Every time  it ends with same Error:

    The log is:
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m] Command-line Parameters:
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]              framerate:  25:1
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]     pixel aspect ratio:  59:54
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]          pixel packing:  RGB
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]              interlace:  top-field-first (interleaved PPM input)
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]         starting frame:  0
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]            # of frames:  25, repeat last frame until done
       INFO: [ppmtoy4m]     chroma subsampling:  4:2:0 MPEG-2 (horiz. cositing)
    jpegtopnm: WRITING PPM FILE
       INFO: [mpeg2enc] SETTING EXTENDED MMX for MOTION!
       INFO: [mpeg2enc] SETTING SSE and MMX for TRANSFORM!
    **ERROR: [ppmtoy4m] Write header failed:  system error (failed read/write)
    /media/free_ext3/tmp// line 3: 10737 Done                    /usr/bin/jpegtopnm "/media/free_ext3/tmp//druheDVD/Main Menu VMGM/background.jpg"
         10738 Exit 1                  | /usr/bin/ppmtoy4m -n 25 -r -S 420mpeg2 -F25:1 -A59:54 -I t -L
         10739 Illegal instruction     | /usr/bin/mpeg2enc -f 8 -n p -a 2 -o "/media/free_ext3/tmp//druheDVD/Main Menu VMGM/menu.m2v"
       INFO: [mplex] mplex version 1.9.0 (2.2.7 $Date: 2006/02/01 22:23:01 $)
    **ERROR: [mplex] Unable to open file /media/free_ext3/tmp//druheDVD/Main Menu VMGM/menu.m2v for reading.
    /media/free_ext3/tmp// line 3: /media/free_ext3/tmp//druheDVD/Main Menu VMGM/menu.mpg: No such file or directory

    ...STAT: Processing /media/free_ext3/tmp//druheDVD/Main Menu VMGM_menu.mpg...
    ERR:  Error opening /media/free_ext3/tmp//druheDVD/Main Menu VMGM_menu.mpg: No such file or directory

    also -> the menu is not created, in DVD is only:
    VTS_01_0.BUP  VTS_01_0.IFO  VTS_01_1.VOB

    If I try to burn It - it fails - K3B reports, that in DVD structure missing files (main menu/..)

    I have used wizard and also menual project - every time the same :-(
    I do not change anything - I do not understand this problematic.
    I just have some MPEG2 files (grabbed by avidemux from DVDs - without any recoding, ... in MPEG-PS container) and I want to burn them back to DVD - that's all).

    What is wrong ?!

    Can anybody help me, please ?

    System: Ubuntu 9.0.4, qdvdauthor 1.0700 (build 2/2009)

    • Varol Okan

      Varol Okan - 2009-08-04

      This seems to be a problem creating the DVDMenu and not with your videos.

      Please send me the file [ Tools -> Feedback .. ] generates.

      Also make sure you have
      ppmtoy4m, and jpegtopnm


      Ps. Can you send me the output of
      > ppmtoy4m -h

      Varol :)

    • kapetr

      kapetr - 2009-08-06

      I send You e-mail  (to with requested Informations.
      I hope You have not blocked e-mails from .cz / domains - if nothing comes, let me please know.


    • kapetr

      kapetr - 2009-08-15


      I don't know why, but I have try to generate feedback again, and this time with success. Probably my fault.

      Also it is in attachment in new e-mail

      Thank You.



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