#275 Latest CVS qdvdauthor produces invalid dvdauthor.xml file


First of all, I've been having a hell of a time trying to build qdvdauthor since Fedora Core 12. This morning, I finally had an epiphany -- it's not because my version of ffmpeg is too old, it's because it's too new! Apparently, qdvdauthor hasn't been built with ffmpeg 0.7 or newer. So I tried to build latest qdvdauthor on an old Fedora Core 14 machine (with ffmpeg 0.6.3), patched up a few things, and voila, it built and ran!

Enclosed is an archive with a patch that gets qdvdauthor to build and run on Fedora Core 14 with ffmpeg 0.6.3 -- I tried to be very careful with the tests on LIBAVCODEC_VERSION_INT, but you may want to verify what I did.

Unfortunately, the main reason I wanted the latest qdvdauthor was not solved. qdvdauthor is currently producing invalid dvdauthor files in certain cases.

Also in the enclosed archive is a qdvdauthor.xml file, and the dvdauthor.xml file it produced. The problem can be seen near the end of the dvduathor.xml file; there's a titleset section with a titles section with an empty pgc section. The empty pgc section causes dvdauthor to error out with "ERR: no VOBUs found". I can work around it by manually editing the dvdauthor.xml file to put one of my other pgc sections into that titles section, and then fixing up the links so that the video is found, but that's laborious.

Thanks in advance for looking into this! Let me know if you need any more info.

P.S. You may want to mention on http://qdvdauthor.sourceforge.net/tools.html which versions of ffmpeg can be used to build qdvdauthor. As far as I can tell, 0.6.3 is the last one that will work.


  • Steven J. Boswell II

    It only took one more change to get qdvdauthor to build and run on Fedora Core 17! And that's running ffmpeg 0.10.4, so what I said earlier about needing older version of ffmpeg was wrong. Enclosed is the unified patch.

    So far, I've only found two bugs that keep me from being able to use the latest qdvdauthor. One, the button-highlight color comes out as black; I had it set to orange. Two, one of my buttons near the bottom of the screen had its down-action set to move to the button to its right, but its down-action does nothing. The qdvdauthor.xml file I sent you earlier can probably be used to reproduce both of these bugs -- the button in question is labeled "previous" and is on the main menu.

    Thank you so much for looking into these bugs and patches! I'm thrilled that I'm so close to being able to use a new qdvdauthor for the first time in about three years!


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