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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    i have an website with frames.
    Top / left / right

    Navigation Bar is on the left side with base target rigth.
    All links open in the right target.
    When i click the Button gallery with link to the index.php it opend in same window full screen mode and all other frames are not there..
    (german english)

    My wish is :

    When i click the button to the gallery in my navigation bar that the gallery opend in the rigth frame.

    How can i solve this ?

    Do i edit the link in the navigation bar to
    ./galerie/index  (without php at the end) it will open in the right frame, but without background images, colors etc...
    it would be nice to use it

    Thank a lot

    • Hagan Fox

      Hagan Fox - 2005-01-25

      Qdig has a break-out-of-frames option and it's enabled by default in Qdig 1.2.5. Set

      $header['zap_frames'] = FALSE;

      It's line 478 of Qdig 1.2.5.

      Why break out of frames?  To prevent "bandwidth theft", where someone builds a web page around someone else's gallery without the gallery owner's awareness.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      fast answer

      thx a lot


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