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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm having a strange problem that I can't track down. Sometimes Firefox for no apparent reason will not see the links above images (links style links, previous and next links) as links. Hovering over them will produce a title tip with "image caption" instead of say next, previous, or any of the link style links. This behavior does not occur in IE. Viewing the source in IE and Firefox shows the navigation tables above and below the image to be the same and the same between browsers.

    Is this some unusual CSS related error? Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Hagan Fox

      Hagan Fox - 2005-06-01

      I'm not sure what it could be.

      It's especially odd if the "image caption" tooltip shows up for the broken links that are above image.

      What Qdig version?  Embedded or stand-alone?

      What Firefox version?

      Does it happen in the demo galleries?

      Can you send me a link or save an example page and email me the source?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I just installed stable version 1.2.9, it's Embedded.
      I'm testing with Firefox 1.0.4.
      No, doesn't happen in demo galleries.
      Yes, I'll send you a link. I have to put it on the public side first.

      The odd thing is if I copy the source and view it from my computer in firefox it works just fine. It just doesn't work when it's on the web server.

    • IRC

      IRC - 2005-06-02

      Ok, I found something, the behavior occurs when $safe_captions is set to false. With it set to true the behavior is normal.

      This made me look at the captions but the html in the captions is properly formed.

      I sent you a message with the link.

    • Hagan Fox

      Hagan Fox - 2005-06-02

      Thanks for the heads up.

      My test galleries don't behave that way, so the link was especially helpful.  Your page page validates (according to the w3c validator) and the phrase "Image Caption" only occurs one place -- exactly where it is supposed to be.

      This one is quite a puzzler...


    • IRC

      IRC - 2005-06-03

      Bah, I figured out what I did. I normally play with my website when I have trouble sleeping. This proves I shouldn't.

      The problem was with the CSS I used to style the span tags for the captions. There was a padding statement for the sub caption spans there that was somehow set to "500% 0 0 0". I have no idea how it got there but I must have accidentally typed it in my sleep deprived state.

      Anyway, this caused the top of the span to shoot up past the top of the image into the navigation areas. Since the span is only as wide as the caption this explains why some tags in the top navigation worked and others didn't.

      So Hagan, I'll remember in the future not to post until I've gotten some rest. :)  Thanks for taking the time to look at the problem and good luck with your brewing.


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