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No more games: Hunspell and MyThes comming!

The decision was made that the Hunspell and MyThes libs should take care of Spellchecking and Thesaurus. - This will be great to work with for users, because one can benefit from all the OpenOffice language packs. At the weekend we will have a first release in the sourcecode containing this functionality!

Posted by CaptainCrunch80 2011-01-13

Thesaurus added

The german Thesaurus is implemented. At least the web API for openthesaurus.de, the offline Thesaurus will follow. If you want to try just download the source and compile.

I am looking for a nice open english thesaurus webapi at the moment, but most are propriatery or have binary libs that are not platform independed.

Other languages will be hard, I will implement them only someone can recomment me one with me a good API.... read more

Posted by CaptainCrunch80 2011-01-07

Project initiated

Some code is written, some documentation online. Everything is on it's way and I hope we will a basic release soon.

If you want further details on the project I recomment to check this PDF presentation https://sourceforge.net/projects/qcreativewriter/files/QCreativeWriter_introduction.pdf/download?use_mirror=autoselect

If you have any ideas, please submit them in the IdeaTorrent! https://sourceforge.net/apps/ideatorrent/qcreativewriter/... read more

Posted by CaptainCrunch80 2010-12-27