#9 quickcam.sh Fedora ls: No such file error


Looks like there is a bug in quickcam.sh qc-usb-0.6.3.
At least in Fedora Core 3 and probably others.
Turns out the when the quickcam.ko is loaded it takes
about 6 seconds on my machine before the /dev/video1
device file gets created. Your milage may vary.
So this patch just adds a 10 second delay before it
looks for the device file.

I thought about doing:
while [ ! -e $VIDEODEV ]
sleep 1

But was afraid that because of links or other problems it
could fail in some other way. So I make you wait 4
seconds instead.

=== Leaving root mode ===
The driver detected the following supported cameras:
quickcam: QuickCam USB camera found (driver version
QuickCam USB 0.6.3 $Date: 20
05/04/15 19:32:49 $)
quickcam: Kernel:2.6.11-1.27_FC3 bus:1 class:FF
subclass:FF vendor:046D product:
quickcam: Sensor HDCS-1020 detected
quickcam: Registered device: /dev/video1
I will be using /dev/video1, if there are more cameras I'll
not test them.
Press Ctrl+C to quit, Enter to continue --->

Testing if /dev/video1 is correct.
ls: /dev/video1: No such file or directory
ls: : No such file or directory
/dev/video1 is a symbolic link to .
./quickcam.sh: line 699: [: too many arguments
ls: : No such file or directory
ls: : No such file or directory
[!] major number is .
Usually it should be 81, so there are problems ahead.
WARNING: If you press Enter, I'll try to continue anyway,
but this probably will fail. You SHOULD press Ctrl+C
Press Ctrl+C to quit, Enter to continue --->


  • j-d-williams

    j-d-williams - 2005-06-23

    qc-usb-0.6.3 sleep patch for quickcam.sh

  • Kurt Wall

    Kurt Wall - 2006-05-02
    • assigned_to: nobody --> krwall

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