Labtecs and Logitechs with vendorid 0x0920

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    It seems like the driver is not OK for new Labtechs and Logitechs (I bought one of each to get started unther linux).  I hope their will be set up a new driver soon supporting the new hardware.



    • Coolos

      Coolos - 2004-02-26

      I have the same problem :ss

    • Francesco Munda

      Francesco Munda - 2004-03-08

      Any planned support (i.e. reverse engineering) planned on these?

      I bought a QC Express knowing there was a driver for Linux, but didn't opened up the thingie at the shop, unaware of "internal" versions incompatibilities. Needless to say, I was fscked.

      Fiddling with driver.c and manually adding the 0x0920 fingerprint to the registerable devices won't

      Of course, I can help with my (useless, for now) hardware, in case developers want to give it a try...

    • Ken Zalewski

      Ken Zalewski - 2004-04-01

      I've got one of the 0x0920 ones as well.  I'm willing to help.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am willing to help and waitting for answers

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      well! anybody who got the solution???? please inform

    • Nobody/Anonymous


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