Recommended recording + conference apps?

  • ADFH

    ADFH - 2004-12-05

    Have quickcam:

    ID 046d:0840 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Express

    Got qc-usb finally installed under 2.6.9 with latest CVS copy. Got xawtv to display picture of myself :) ..

    Go to record in xawtv to a file - get a cryptic message.. hrrmm.. ok.. UI a bit clunky.. doco light ont he recording side .. no probs.. let's try another program..

    Install debian 'vcr' package.. Tried it.. also didn't work. Anyone have a recommended package to record to a file?

    Also, when it comes to video conferencing - what packages to people use EXCLUDING gnomemeeting (which is a NAT nightmare thanks to H.323 and not much use due to death of netmeeting) ... anyone seen any reliable yahoo cam or msn cam ports?

    Anyway.. here's 'vcr' output:

    $ vcr --codec "FFMPEG DivX5" -a 'BitRate=220' --framerate 5 --source "Camera" --quality 50 --rectime 1m test.avi
    VCR 1.10, (C) 2001 Bram Avontuur (
    v4l1: VIDIOCCAPTURE in ::v4l1if
    <init> : Avifile CVS-0.7.38-030710-15:39-gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-2)
    <init> : Available CPU flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 mmx fxsr syscall mmxext 3dnowext 3dnow
    <init> : 1399.91 MHz AMD Athlon(tm) Processor detected
    <LDT keeper> : Installed fs segment: 0xb7570000
    <codec keeper> : Found 7 plugins (/usr/lib/avifile-0.7,A:39,V:83)
    v4l1: VIDIOC_S_AUDIO in ::setAudioMode
    Filename: test.avi
        Video: codec: FFMPEG DivX5, quality: 50
                      BitRate = 220.
               time : 60 s, fps: 5, keyframes: 15
               size : 384x288 (WxH)
        Audio: codec: none (uncompressed)
          Out: 44 kHz, 16 bits (mono)

    Starting to record...type q+enter to quit.
    Audiocodec: 0, bitrate: 0
    window: 0 384 0 288
    Starting video capture thread.
    v4l1: VIDIOCMCAPTURE in ::grabOne: Invalid argument
    Opening dsp....
    Starting writer thread.
    Creating AVI file..
    Adding video stream.
    Adding uncompressed audio stream.
    frame rate for audio: 88200
    Entering loop
    Dsp opened!
    Dsp configuration set.
    Timeshift: 0.0464853, getSize(): 224
    header: video stream 0 mspframe=200000 rate=1000000 start=0
    Set capture parameters.
    v4l1: VIDIOCMCAPTURE in ::grabOne: Invalid argument
    v4l1: VIDIOCMCAPTURE in ::grabOne: Invalid argument
    v4l1: VIDIOCMCAPTURE in ::grabOne: Invalid argument
    CODEC opening  384x288
    Timeshift: 0.0464853, getSize(): 4
    Floating point exception

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      First, important suggestion: use
      "qcset compatible=dblbuf" if some application
      doesn't work. it might cure "vcr".
      About half of the programs require that.

      > Install debian 'vcr' package.
      Strange. I don't have that package in MY Debian

      >Anyone have a recommended
      >package to record to a file?
      I would recommend "streamer": a command
      line program and simple but it works.
      Older versions (Debian Woody) do not correctly
      synchronize audio/video, though.

      >Also, when it comes to video conferencing - what >packages to people use EXCLUDING
      I've heard some people recommending "vic".

      Also take a look at file "APPLICATIONS",
      included in the qc-usb package.

    • ADFH

      ADFH - 2004-12-07

      Ahh.. RE vcr package.. it might be from French guy whose unofficial repository I use...

      deb unstable main

      .. I have this in my /etc/apt/sources.list for various media format support not included in main debian respository..

    • ADFH

      ADFH - 2004-12-07

      dblbuf didn't help VCR app..

      streamer works - but seems to not look as good as what I see in xawtv - brightness etc. seems diff..

      for a given set of lighting conditions, if I get it looking just right on screen, I get the impression I'm able to kinda capture those settings in a file and pass them back in - how does one do that?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        files show the current settings,
        under the "Picture settings set by user"

        You can give these values to -c/-b etc.

    • ADFH

      ADFH - 2004-12-08

      In the end I've ended up figuring out what works best in my lighting conditions..

      qcset compatible=dblbuf quality=best settle=1 adaptive=0 keepsettings=1 -c 16000 -b 50000

      ... however things still look a bit dodgy when played back from a motion jpeg in terms of contrast etc.

      Guess I'll keep fiddling


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