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Training session in Wrocław (Poland)

Posted by Adam Walczak 2012-06-25

Ideal software for manufacturing vs costs

Choosing a manufacturing management system isn’t an easy task. This goes both for business owners and for specialists how offer this type of solutions on the market. At first this case seams to be simple for the client. He already has a methodology of planning his production, the sales division balances between the market trends and the manufacturing plants capacity, people responsible for supplies try to keep the required materials coming on time, mechanics keep the machinery going and production line workers report the overall progress. We just have to find a software provider which will help to automate and optimize all those efforts. This is the point from which things get hard. During his search the client will realize what different systems take a different approach to production and business process. No one uses the same vocabulary, data forms and documents don’t look like the ones that are already used in the company, everyone uses their own data structures to model technological process. But before we talk about those differences which turn us away from the ideal solution lest try to point out some common elements.... read more

Posted by Adam Walczak 2012-06-18

New stable version with amazing new fe

We are happy to announce that we have released new version of qcadoo MES. It’s numbered as 1.1.0 and it is a huge step forward for our project.

With it we officially went out of the beta stage, and for sure we can say the qcadoo MES is now a really mature product. Besides hunting for the bugs, fixing them and stabilizing the software, we have made hundreds of small improvements and some substantial new features. What are the substantial ones?... read more

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-12-09

Our seminar from Linux Autumn 2011

Seminars from Linux Autumn 2001 hit the net last week. We participated in this event along with other members of the polish open source community. The prime start of the conference was Wietse Venema the author of Postfix. We talked with people from the Allegro Group and Samsung on how they use and develop open software. There ware also many individuals active in the polish community

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/10/20/our-seminar-from-linux-autumn-2011/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-10-20

Notes from the FWiOO conference

Two weeks ago (27.09.2011) you could find us on the first conference organized by the Polish free and open software conference foundation FWiOO. The topic of this conference was:

The role of innovative open source projects in the Polish economy

There are many photos and videos from it which you might find quite interesting. Two of the most interesting lectures ware given by our Polish Vice Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak and the CEO of the Free Software Foundation Europe, Karsten Gerloff... read more

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-10-10

Zero lock-in - partner networks and OSS

Zero lock-in – how partner networks and open source guarantee the IT independence of your enterprise

Choosing the right IT solutions is a hard task for any company. You have to preciously define your requirements and analyze what available systems have to offer. After choosing the best candidates you have to filter our their marketing slogans and choose the most cost efficient solution.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/blog/2011/10/03/zero-lock-in-how-partner-networks-and-open-source-guarante-the-it-independence-of-your-enterprise/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-10-05

Dozens of new plans on Blueprints wiki

In this post will give you a short summary of the most important analysis and design efforts that are taking place there. We are always happy to hear your feedback so please feel free to comment and even edit those blueprints.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/10/05/dozens-of-new-plans-on-blueprints-wiki/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-10-05

3 interns hired in our open source project

As you may have noticed we have been running a long term student internship program to teach upcoming engineers how to create modules for qcadoo MES. We also wanted to show them the qcadoo Framework which they can use for their next killer apps. During this time many interesting young people worked with our battle-hardened old-school team :) Three of them (that seemed most talented to us) just got hired lately in Qcadoo Limited.... read more

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-09-14

The cloud as a system architecture

First of all what does ‘the cloud’ really mean ?

Is it really a technical term or just a marketing slogan ?

Can we view the technologies and concepts related to the term 'could' as a system architecture ?

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/08/24/the-cloud-as-a-system-architecture/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-08-24

An interview with us done by OSWorld.pl

The interview with our team just got aired on the net by the reporters from OSWorld.pl

Please have a look at then if you understand Polish.

You can see the original OSWorld post here: http://osworld.pl/2011/08/11/wywiad-z-firma-qcadoo-limited/

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/08/16/an-interview-with-us-done-by-osworld-pl/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-08-16

Adding columns to another module

As of the 0.4.5 release of the qcadoo Framework the module your developing can add columns to a grid in an other module.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/08/08/adding-columns-to-another-module/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-08-08

New stable release 0.4.5 ! Many new features

After months of hard work and shifts in the stable release we finally polished qcadoo MES to a stable 0.4.5 release.

This is a vary important milestone for us which brings many long awaited features.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/20​11/07/26/new-stable-release-qc​adoo-mes-0-4-5-with-many-new-f​eatures/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-07-26

One day course in Poznań on 21

We are organizing one of our first 8 hour crash courses in Poznań (Poland) on 21.07.2011.

It’s meant for developers and students that would like to quickly dive in to qcadoo and learn how to create modules for our platform.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/07/05/one-day-crash-course-in-poznan-poland-on-21-07-2011/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-07-07

qcadoo MES 0.4.0 – new stable release !

We have just put out a new stable release of qcadoo MES. Please check out our download page.

We worked hard to do the last API changes in this version and now the API is stable and just plain beautiful.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/05/17/qcadoo-mes-0-4-0-new-stable-release/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-05-17

BAIT Festival at AGH University in Kraków

Last Friday you could find us at the BAIT Festival at AGH University in Kraków.

We showed a presentation about how the catchy word “cloud” swallowed many technical terms like: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, App Marketplaces, WEB API’a, micro-transactions, etc. and how all of those fit into modern system architectures.

More at: http://blog.qcadoo.com/tech/2011/05/16/bait-festival-at-agh-university-in-krakow/

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-05-16

Let’s stabilize Qcadoo MES 0.4 !

After tons of improvements and the last larger refactoring in Qcadoo’s internals we are rolling out test to prepare the next stable release.

Please check out our latest release candidate:


More detailed test tasks will soon come on:


Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-04-28

Qcadoo MES will have an AppStore

We are currently planning internally the AppStore functionality that will run on our web site.

We want to make it a marketplace for Qcadoo MES in which users will be able to select modules for their SaaS accounts. This will give developers an easy way to submit their modules to Qcadoo's hosted version and expose then to a wide range of users.

Stay tuned as more details will follow in the next month.

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-04-14

New “Inventory Module” in planning stage

We’ve just started to plan the new Inventory Module in our blueprints wiki space:


The general purpose of this module will be to monitor transports of goods between various locations in the production line and to check from time to time if the current inventory state is correct according to the transport history.

Please give it a look and tell us what you think about it in the comments.

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-04-11

GitHub repository reorganization

We reorganized our repository a little. In fact we split it into two repositories.

Now on github.com/qcadoo we have:

* github.com/qcadoo/qcadoo – Qcadoo Framework repository with core modules delivering functionality for developers
* github.com/qcadoo/mes – Qcadoo MES repository with modules which deliver end user functionality for the manufacturing industry

The Qcadoo Framework can be used in a wide range of applications. Not just related to the manufacturing industry. That’s why we decided to give it a separate repository.... read more

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-04-11

We opened the door!

After few months of hard work, tons of healthy food and hectoliters of orange juice, we decided that the 1st of December is a really good date to show you what qcadoo is. Since today the revolution in MES applications has begun.

We present you the most open, most easy-to-use and most flexible IT solution for manufacturing companies. You are very welcome to test it, join our community or simply use it.

Posted by Adam Walczak 2011-04-08

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