I have made the translators that I already know from before, coordinators to their respective locales. This of course, applies only to those that have made a join request already. I'll the same for the others, when I receive such a request.

2013/7/28 hammered hammered <hammered999@gmail.com>
Here are the .ts' with 2 new strings from git master: http://builds.shiki.hu/temp/translations/master-lang_28072013.7z

I also have set up a project in Transifex. Check it out. https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/qbittorrent/

I would prefer the translations to be done in Transifex because I intend to fetch them automatically from there before each release.
However, I will still accept translations the old way. I will still offer translations in the mailist list, but Transifex is set to automatically update the ts files when there are new strings available.