Problem solved. I was using

Downloaded installer and now it´s working fine. So this must be an issue with portableapps build.


2013/10/14 sledgehammer999 <>
The linked image doesn't load. Can you repost the image elsewhere? eg

I changed to Portuguese and Portuguese(Brazil) and it works on my system. You need to restart qbittorrent after each language change though.

2013/10/14 Sérgio Marques <>
hi sledge,

Today I´ve updated my version of qbittorrent to 3.1.0.

I´ve changed UI language to Portuguese and notice that all strings from toolbars are in English.

I´ve tested with other languages and result is the same.

Not sure what happened her since Portuguese is 100 % complete.

Can you check it wht´s wrong? Do you want me to open an issue or is it unnecessary?

Her is the link for with image that shows issue.


Sérgio Marques

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Sérgio Marques