#48 use LRGB in high precision format for frame pipe


and maybe add more channels for Halpha, Hbeta, OIII, SII and so on later...
in general this should allow for some sort of near to lossless processing pipe


  • BFC

    BFC - 2010-02-14

    Qastrocam-g2 is a capture software, not a processing software like iris. The internal frame pipe use yuv444, not RGB, because most cams use the yuv colorspace. Perhaps after adding the libgphoto2 interface. I'm alone on this project, so, my ambitions are a bit limited ;-)

  • BFC

    BFC - 2010-02-14
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • silidan

    silidan - 2010-02-14

    I am willing to help, but first i need some help in understanding the current code (im not fluent in c/c++) thats why i wanted you to join irc channel ##astronomy on irc.freenode.net (im not always on... so might take some tried but if your there report to H__ that your the qastrocam-g2 dev :)

  • BFC

    BFC - 2010-02-14

    I registered on freenode as thx8411. I will be on time to time ;-)

  • BFC

    BFC - 2010-04-04
    • milestone: --> later

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