#7 Automatically extend vector/matrix while typing


In the current vector/matrix editing dialog it is necessary to enter the dimensions before the grid adjusts itself to the desired dimensions.

While this is typically OK for mathematical problems invoving vectors and matrices because one usually knows the number of dimensions involved, it becomes very unhandy when entering statistical data.

For instance, imaging you have a list of some 20 values and want quickly to calculate the arithmetic mean.

Calc in its current form requires one to count the number of items, then enter that count into the horizontal dimension field, and only then start entering the data.

What I would like to have are the following additional features: If the current cell contains data and is in the rightmost column or bottommost row and the user presses the cursor-right or cursor-down keys, respectively, then qalc should automatically add another column or row (i. e. automatically increment the respective dimension count).

This would allow both pre-allocating the grid to fixed dimension as it is done now, but it would also allow easy input of statistic samples without forcing users to count the items manually before entering them.


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