How to define funcs with vars and eval?

  • David M. Karr

    David M. Karr - 2009-02-16

    From what I saw of the snapshots of Qalculate, I assumed that I would have the ability to  interactively enter different arithmetic functions that reference user-defined variables, and then interactively evaluate those functions with different values for those variables. I can't figure out how this works. I browsed through the docs, but I couldn't figure it out from that.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I found out how to do so, but it was not really obvious.

      In fact you have to define your function by the menu "Edit > manage functions"

      And when you give the expression of your function, don't forget the \ before each unknown.

      For example, with f defined as:
      you can't get the value of f(20), it is interpreted as f().20

      But if you define f with this expression:
      then you get f(20) easily.

      I assumed this limitation has some interess but it seems anti-natural to me, and the most surprisin,g is that with the first expression, you can get the derivate , the extremums, ... I.e. qalculate unterstands the function, but the syntax problem prevents you to get a particular value .

      Anyhow qalculate seems a great tool to me, very intuitive most of the time.
      But a tutorial, with a list of simple manipulations explained step by step, could be a very big plus.

      I know I can create myself to contribute, but I know this soft for two hours now, so I'm not able yet do create an interesting document.


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