#108 SIGSEGV when qalc is given a nonsense

v1.0 (example)

I tried to count this (I know that for qalc it means something entirely different, but that doesn't matter, because this just shouldn't happen)

lim (ln (x/(x+1))) as x->infinity

and qalc (and qalculate-kde) crashed with SIGSEGV (both 0.9.6)


  • Jonathan Stickel

    Still broken in 0.9.7

  • Navid Zamani

    Navid Zamani - 2011-05-24

    Uuum, have you checked what it actually does when you enter that? Because it interprets that as:
    (link ∙ meter ∙ ln(x ∕ (x + 1))  ∙ attosecond ∙ x) > Infinity

    Although it shouldn’t… I’d crash on that too, lol.
    I can give you the answer though: False. Since by definition, nothing is bigger than infinity.

  • Hanna K.

    Hanna K. - 2016-05-08
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> v1.0 (example)
  • Navid Zamani

    Navid Zamani - 2016-05-08

    Why did you close this? Is it fixed in 1.0? It still crashes in 0.9.7.

    No input, no matter how nonsensical, should crash Qalculate, no?

    P.S.: I just saw that it was closed with “closed-fixed”. I don’t have 1.0 available yet, so we’ll see…

    Last edit: Navid Zamani 2016-05-08
  • Hanna K.

    Hanna K. - 2016-05-08

    It is fixed in the current development version and the fix will be included the upcoming version 0.9.8.

    Qalculate! was actually crashing on expressions with the format "f(x) * x * y > a" when trying to isolate x.

    The original comparison cannot be answered because infinity lacks a unit, while the left hand value has the unit m^2 * s.


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